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Blue Humans

Question: We find in a magazine that was in circulation in Distrito Federal (Mexico), the following narrative:

“In 1960, based on the narratives of the Egyptian historian Maneton and of the Greek Herodotus, a Soviet scientific magazine discussed a race of blue humans, and also informed about the enigma of Atlantis and the arrival of extraterrestrial beings.”

“The question they were asking themselves was the following: ‘Were the Atlanteans beings with a bluish skin color? Some traditions state that the Atlanteans founded the Egyptian civilization and that the most ancient chiefs of that dynasty were pure Atlanteans. The Egyptian artists, who carefully depicted the objects on their walls, respected the colors. How did they paint their gods? Osiris had a green face (because he is the god of vegetation, which is reborn), thus, everything was pigmented green or pale blue; however, Ammon and Shu were clearly blue. Why are the Egyptian gods blue in color? This can only be answered in one way: They were descended from a race of blue color.

rameses 2 facing amun, khans, mut

Ramses 2 Before the Theban Trinity: the blue-skinned Amun (“Hidden One”), with his son Khons and wife Mut

“Should we believe that Osiris and Thoth, who arrived to Egypt from a country of high mountains, found a field with warm weather and plenty sun, and thus the sun modified their skin color, acquiring an olive-like color skin (green: yellowish blue), as the Mediterranean inhabitants have in this day and age?”

Beloved Master Samael Aun Weor, would you explain something about this matter?

Answer:That article is a little vague and obscure. It refers to the blue race, and supposes that this race comes from Atlantis; it does not deny the origin of the Egyptian culture (it is obvious that the blue humans are the ancient master builders of the pyramids). Nonetheless, something is missing in that cited article that we mention above and that we placed between quotations. Therefore, allow us the liberty to disagree with it, because we need to emphasize the concrete fact that the blue humans never came from the Atlantean continent.

Some people suppose that the blue humans came from Venus. Now, it is good to quote another part of such cited article:

“Let us remember the extraordinary events that happened in remote times on Venus that were registered by the astronomers of antiquity. Saint Augustine affirmed that Castor, el Rodio, wrote the story of an astonishing prodigy that happened to that planet, that is, suddenly it changed of size, color, and even its orbit in relation to the sun, and at the same time it lost its satellites. This event without precedent occurred in the time of the King Ogyges, founder of Thebes, as asserted by Adrasto Cyzicenio and Diles, notable mathematicians of Naples.

“What happened to Venus in order for part of its populace to unexpectedly escape from it and towards the Earth? A collision? A nuclear explosion? We cannot say anything, but if any of these hypotheses are true, then we have to believe that Venus was joined to the history of our planet, and it even seems curious that Soviet wise men insist on relating the mystery of Venus with the mysteries of Atlantis and of Tiahuanaco.”

As you can see, beloved reader, the author of the mentioned article, parts of which we transcribed with the purpose of refuting them, has two different opinions; however, neither of them is true.

We knew the case, here in Mexico, of Salvador Villanueva Medina, author of a book entitled, I Was on the Planet Venus. I know the man personally and I know that he is sincere; he is not a charlatan or pretender. He has been rigorously examined by psychiatrists and the results were that he is obviously a serious man and his mind is totally equilibrated.

That gentleman wrote for the good of this humanity; he narrated to his fellowmen what happened to him. He was a simple cab driver who was driving a car towards the United States, who had to pass through some of those uncertainties of the road. The automobile was damaged; the Americans who were traveling with him left the car abandoned, and directed themselves to a town close by to ask for help. Thus, Villanueva Medina was left alone. He laid beneath the car with the purpose of observing and fixing it; then he felt some steps on the sand. He came out from beneath the car and he encountered a Venusian being who talked with him. What happened after is very fascinating; he was invited to depart, and he welcomed the invitation, thus he was taken in a cosmic ship to the planet Venus, where he came to know an extraordinary civilization. After five days, he was brought back again to the planet Earth.

The description that Villanueva Medina gives about the human beings from Venus concedes with which Adamski (the famous American scientist) gives about them. The stature of the Venusians is an average of 1.10 mts., white pinkish skin, silver hair, beautiful face, etc.

Thus, Villanueva Medina did not see blue humans on the planet Venus. Therefore, that hypothesis is discarded.

Then, from where do the blue humans come? They exist, this is clear, many people affirm it; however, people do not know their origin. Nevertheless, we solemnly asseverate the following: the blue humans came from the Blue Galaxy. There is no doubt that they created the powerful Egyptian, Chaldean, Syrian, Babylonian, etc., civilizations.

Question: Master, would you tell us why they came, with what purpose?

Answer: The question of the gentleman greatly pleases me, thus, with great pleasure I will answer. Allow me to inform you about the Universal Cosmic Fraternity; just as mutual help exists between good persons, likewise there is mutual help from planet and planet, from galaxy and galaxy.

Krishna and Radha

The blue-skinned Krishna with his wife Radha. Krishna is one of the most important deities in Hinduism, and the central character of the epic scripture The Mahabharata, from which was extracted The Bhagavad-gita. Another important blue-skinned Hindu figure is Ramachandra.

The masters from the Blue Galaxy — moved by universal love — have preoccupied themselves very much with our terrestrial humanity. They have been intensely helping us since the most profound night of centuries. I repeat: they were, indeed, the ones who instructed the architects of the pyramids, the ones who taught the secret doctrine to the Atlanteans and Egyptians. They are the ones who established the glorious mysteries of the powerful Chaldean and Syrian civilizations.

Their labor has indeed been marvelous and formidable; they have truly loved us and continue to love us, and even when the following seems incredible, the fact is that they live in this afflicted world with the only purpose of helping us in the critical hours that will precede the great cataclysm.

Question: Your narrative overwhelms me. Would you tell me, if they live on this planet, where do they live?

Answer: The question the lady asks is certainly abundantly intriguing; therefore, it is good that we give a concrete answer. I have to inform you for your own knowledge that the blue humans live in a subterranean city under the ices of the South Pole.

Question: How is that possible that they can survive under such very low temperatures? Is their organism different from our organism? How do they arrange themselves in order to live?

Answer: Let us answer the question of the gentleman. Indeed, the question in itself is very intriguing. Therefore, I beg the auditorium to pay more attention. The organisms of the blue humans are similar to our organisms, this is obvious.

I want all of you to understand me: the human beings from the Blue Galaxy do not have houses made of ice, or igloos as the Eskimos; no, nothing of the sort. It would be absurd to think that such human beings would live within icebergs. It is better to comprehend that they possess a subterranean city, made within the innermost parts of the Earth itself. If there are icebergs above the rocks and above the Earth in general, this does not affect this submerged city at all. The climatological problem does not affect the blue humans, because it is clear that if they can conquer the infinite space, then they possess formidable technical devices. Therefore, it is not difficult to comprehend that they have created their own climate inside their mysterious city.

Question: Why did they choose such an inaccessible place, since our planet has other places with better climate and vegetation?

Answer: I answer the gentleman thusly: the lands of the North and South Poles, presently covered with ice because of the past glaciations, had, in other times, powerful civilizations with magnificent equatorial climates and splendid cities.

May the gentleman not become perplexed by what I am affirming. This subterranean city where the blue humans live now is very ancient; it was made before the past glaciations. This signifies that the city has existed for many millions of years; it comes from the archaic epochs of the Earth. This city always was and is the secret abode of the blue humans.

Since they have cosmic ships with which they can travel throughout the infinite space, it is evident and manifested that they do not suffer any type of problems related with provisions.

Question: Master, have these blue humans left their city at some time in order to live with the people of the Earth?

Answer: We are going to answer this respectable young lady. Allow me to tell you, miss, that in the epochs of Egypt, Syria, Babylon, such human beings were welcomed as true gods. Unfortunately, we are in the Iron Age, in an epoch of worldly degeneration, therefore, for that reason they scarcely mingle themselves with the multitudes. Nonetheless, it is good to affirm that once in a while some of these extraordinary men live amongst people of the Earth. A certain lady told me the concrete fact of having seen a man with a blue face in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Question: Master, do these blue humans have some mission to accomplish in this epoch or in the future?

Answer: I see that the one who have asked the question is an international Gnostic missionary, thus it is clear that I will gladly answer him. The blue humans are helping this humanity with telepathic procedures that are favorable to some people, thus it is evident that within some years, these extraordinary human beings must send themselves forth publicly in order to admonish people, in order to call them to repentance, in order to make them see the frightful cataclysm that is approaching.

Question: Master, could you tell me the approximate quantity of inhabitants of the blue city?

Answer: Well, respectable gentleman, I will answer your question. Allow me to tell you that I did not count them. I can assure you that it is a very large city, very extensive, very similar in size to the City of Mexico, with various millions of people and many houses, streets, and avenues and broad fields in order to store their ships. But, I do not know exactly how many people live there; I did not ask of the king of that city about such a little thing.

Question: The fact that they have a monarchic government overwhelms me very much, therefore would you tell me if, due to the fact that they are illuminated people, is the king who governs them divine?

Answer: Respectable young lady, your question is intriguing. I am happy to answer you. I know his royal majesty, and solemnly I tell you that he belongs to the solar dynasties. He is an authentic and illuminated master of perfections, who does not need gendarmes nor armed soldiers in order to be obeyed by his people. Everybody respects him because he is terrifically divine.

Question: Master, would you tell us what you did in order to put yourself in contact with that monarch, if, by any chance, you used a cosmic ship, or what medium you utilized in order to reach the blue city where those beings live?

Answer: Amiable gentleman, I am going to respond with clarity to your inquiry and investigative longing. There are telepathic procedures. None of us ignore that through telepathy one can be in contact with people who live in distinct places in the world, even at remote distances. Nonetheless, in this matter, we go further still; we have secret procedures by means of which we can transport ourselves spiritually to any secret place, including, as a logical fact, to the subterranean city of the blue humans.

I have seen that city. I do not deny it. And you — all of you — can also do it, if you know our procedures. What is important is that you enter into our Gnostic studies, that you study my books, etc.

It is clear that when I spiritually visited that mysterious city, I first of all had to ask for permission from his majesty, the king. Without the permission of the monarch who governs it, I could not walk tranquilly about the marvelous streets of that mysterious city.

Question: Could you explain us something about the city, what is it like, what type of construction does it have?

Answer: It is clear, respectable sir, that this splendid city, built within the innermost parts of the Earth, is very different from all those cities that we presently know in this afflicted world we live in.

A serpentine road leads to the doors of the city. The streets and avenues are illuminated, naturally, by marvelous lamps that make of that gigantic cavern something luminous and radiant, because it looks like a splendid day. I could say that they handle the light and the darkness in a very perfect way. They have seventy splendid halls distributed in distinct places of the city, and they celebrate their assemblies or perform their studies in those precincts.

Question: What type of studies do these beings perform?

Answer: Naturally, respectable young lady, their studies are of a very advanced type; these are matters of cosmic science, elevated spiritual matters, Nature, etc. It is good to tell you that the sphinx, the living symbol of initiatic wisdom, shines inside that mystical and ineffable city.

Question: Could you tell me how they dress, and their medium of transportation inside the city?

Answer: I want to inform you, good friend, that the members of that blue race certainly dress themselves with elegance and distinction; they use beautiful tunics in the ancient style, beautiful mantles, sandals of a very classical style, etc. They come and go on the streets of their city along the sidewalks or boardwalks. They have an average stature and beautiful countenance. They transport themselves by foot or in cars; these cars are different from those which we know, because they are propelled by electric energy.

Question: Master, would you explain what type of nourishment they have and where they get it?

Answer: Your question is indeed very interesting. It is obvious that they have to eat in order to live. Their basic food is made with marine algae; they collect it from the bottom of the seas of the whole planet Earth. Their ships allow them to transport themselves through time and space to any place they wish. Nevertheless, it is clear that they bring from their galaxy many other types of food with which they nourish themselves. We have to take into account that they are not imprisoned within that city, and that they have the freedom of traveling with their ships to wherever they want. That is all.

Question: Could you tell us what type of coins they use or if they do not have money?

Answer: Oh, young lady! The authentic human beings, the cosmic men, do not need money in order to survive. They have systems, economical methods, that are immensely superior to those from the intellectual animals of the planet Earth.

Question: What is the message that the blue humans have for the terrestrial humanity of this present epoch?

Answer: Generous gentleman, your question is formidable; indeed, I will answer you. A blue lady, who always is beside the king, told me the following, “The planet Earth is going to be destroyed. The people who live on the surface of the Earth believe that all of their cities and the material things that they possess will endure forever. They are attached to those things, and this is absurd, because everything that they have is going to be destroyed.”

Question: According to what you just communicated to us, would it be preferable to not dedicate ourselves to acquire any material object?

Answer: Your question is intriguing. Allow me to tell you, good friend, that we must live in accordance with the law of the scale. We must neither wallow within the mud of wealth, nor within the mud of misery. We must have the necessary things for life, but never, ever, become attached to them. Remember the last days of Pompeii: at that time, people were trying to escape with their treasures, they were attached to all of their property, thus they died. The excavations that were done show us that the inhabitants of Pompeii in their majority were smashed by the ruins of that city or by the stones or lava of the Vesuvius.

The blue humans will accomplish a gigantic world mission in the frightful moments that are approaching. They will fight in order to encourage us to return towards the divinity; they will preoccupy themselves with the task of showing us the way to salvation.