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Jinn Phenomena

Question: At the time of our Mexican Revolution, the following event occurred to a member of our family: It happened that during a battle in the state of Sonora, this relative and his friend got lost in the desert. After several days of walking, his friend died because of the lack of water or any other type of nourishment. He buried his friend at the fall of night, and thus was left alone in the middle of the immense desert. After walking about one hour from the burial place, he tired, and laid down in order to sleep. Yet, the following day, his surprise was very great when he saw his friend’s cadaver dusted over with sand beside him.

Without understanding this phenomenon, he performed a Christian burial again.

He continued walking during the day and, when night came, without any type of nourishment, he fell asleep again. When he awakened the next day, he found the cadaver beside him again. The same event happened to him three times. Therefore, on the third day he prayed profoundly to God so that the phenomenon would not happen to him again.

That very same day he started to find things to eat, until he arrived at a town, where, frightened and almost dead from hunger and thirst, he narrated the event.

Master, would you be so kind as to give us an explanation about this matter?

Answer: I will gladly answer the question of the gentleman. Without any doubt, we can classify such phenomenon as an event from the fourth dimension. Clearly, the energetic personality as well as the psychological “I” of the dead man were introducing themselves into their cadaver and taking it out of the grave by means of the fourth dimension, fourth coordinate, or fourth vertical agent.

I know of a similar case related with an authentic sorcerer, one of those who knows how to place his physical body in the fourth dimension. After having been buried, he was found time and time again laying face up on the gravestone of his tomb. It is obvious that each time, the gravedigger put the cadaver inside its grave again, but the same phenomenon was always repeated.

On any one of those many days on which the gravedigger repeated his well-known work, if he had an instant of distraction, it was enough for that body to definitively disappear without leaving the least trace. It is unquestionable that this matter was related with a very well-disciplined sorcerer, a strange personage who, when alive, had emphasized many times, indeed, among groups of friends, that after having been buried, he was going to escape from his grave with his body and everything. Thus, he accomplished with his word, this is clear, and this certainly became prodigious.

Nevertheless, do not confuse this phenomenon with vampirism. It is clear that the vampires also escape from their sepulcher in order to perform evilness and to commit acts of vampirism against living persons, yet they always return to their place of departure. You must remember, sirs, the case of Count Dracula. He lived indeed in Russia; he was the mayor of a town. He was married, yet he abhorred his wife; he constantly whipped her.

After his burial, the Count Dracula escaped from his sepulcher and arrived at his home in order to repeat the same floggings, those whippings that gave so much bitterness to that unhappy woman. Therefore the poor one, exasperated to the maximum, brought the case to the knowledge of the civil and religious authorities of her epoch. Naturally, this caused a general amazement.

Traditions state that various bishops and clergies of strict observance, with crucifix in hand, many thuribles and blessed water, resolved to aggresively intercept the route of the left-hand and tenebrous chariot that always departed from the cemetery transporting the Count Dracula. The clergies poised themselves at the gate with the intention of stopping the left-hand and fatal, nocturnal, funeral chariot. Unquestionably, everything was worthless; the chariot of Count Dracula drove over those frightened religious men.

As many people know, the authorities resolved to open the tomb. Great was their astonishment when they found the coffin tinted with blood, and inside the funerary box, the cadaver of Count Dracula completely preserved. It is obvious that he was nourishing himself with human blood; this is known through tradition and very few people ignore this.

The feet of that cadaver were covered with mud; this plainly indicated the concrete fact that the dead man was precisely escaping at late hours of the night. The whole thing ended when a wooden stick was stabbed into his heart.

By no means do I want to affirm with all of these narratives and explanations that all of the Jinn states or tetra-dimensional phenomena are of a tenebrous character. It is good that you, my friends, know that there are both White Jinns and Black Jinns. Undoubtedly, the powers of light and darkness are battling each other.

By the way, now it is convenient to inform you, as we previously taught, that there are people who know how to leave their physical body at will. Therefore, there are individuals who, when out of their physical bodies, know how to invoke or to call their physical bodies, even when finding themselves already very far away from it.

For our readers’ better comprehension, I will explain this in other words. Think just for a moment that you are in the bedroom where you normally asleep. Imagine that your soul has suddenly projected and transported herself to the centermost part of the town or city where you live. Even if this seems impossible for you, the fact is that such a soul can — from the center of that town or city where she is at that moment — call her body that was left asleep on the bed.

What I am saying might seem strange to you, it could appear impossible to you that your physical body can answer your call, that the body can abandon the bed, that it can leave your house and by walking very slowly, it can exactly encounter its soul that in those instants is anxiously awaiting it in the center of the city.

You could answer me that only a very friendly little dog, left alone at home, could go in search for you. Thus, the news that the physical body can go in search of its soul, seems to you as something inconceivable. Nonetheless, this is a fact; do not be amazed. I comprehend that you ignore all of this and therefore such news seems to you something inconceivable and even impossible.

I want to narrate for you a very fascinating case in order to illustrate better what I want to state. On a certain occasion I had to project myself out of my physical body at will — it is clear that I know how to project myself at will, therefore this is not a problem for me. Thus, I transported myself to the Sacred Order of Tibet. This Tibetan congregation has its monastery in the fourth dimension. I was occupied there in the esoteric work along with other brethren of the order. However, it so happens that my physical body, which I left asleep on my bed in the capital city of Mexico, D.F., since it had already slept for many hours, it concluded its state of profound sleep in a very natural way, thus my body awakened. Nonetheless, I did not want to return into my physical body, because by no means did I want to interrupt my labors in the monastery; I was very occupied. Therefore, I continued sustaining myself there, in Tibet, based on my force of willpower, because it is obvious that the awakened body always attracts the soul.

Since that situation was a little embarrassing for me because it interfered in the activities inside the monastery, I did not have any other solution than to concentrate myself on my Divine Mother Nature and beseech her for the favor of taking my physical body — which was laid down on my bed in the city of Mexico — and bringing it to me to at the Sacred Order of Tibet. My mother acceeded to my begging, took my physical body from the bed, and put it inside the fourth dimension; thus, she transported it to me at the monastery of Tibet.

In those instants, I was in my astral body talking with other brethren of the order, when I started to feel over my shoulders a strange pressure; this was a sign for me in order to know that my physical body was approaching. Thus, indeed this is what happened. I performed that experiment with the purpose of not being disturbed during the esoteric work I was performing when I was in the astral plane in the far East.

Whosoever learns how to project himself by will can perform this experiment for himself. First, he must project himself in the astral world, then being far away from his physical body, and while in the very place where he is, he can invoke his physical body.

Mother Nature always help us when we truthfully know how to love her.

Question: Master, is there any prayer to call our Mother Nature when we are in the parallel astral world, so that she can bring our physical body to where we are psychically located in those very instants? Could you teach it to us?

Answer: I will gladly teach you a magical and precious invocation, so with it you can call your Divine Mother, who will take the task of bringing your physical body to you at the place where you find yourselves psychically located.

I believe in God,
I believe in my Mother Nature,
I believe in White Magic,
Mother of mine, bring me my body.

This invocation must be repeated thousands of times. Thus, when you feel a certain pressure over your shoulders, it is because your physical body is approaching. When you see it, you must command it in a very imperative way to enter into you. You can be sure that your body will then float in the fourth dimension and will enter inside of you through the superior part of your psychic, astral, or sidereal head. Thus, already in possession of your physical body and floating within that magical environment of the fourth dimension, you can transport yourselves to any place of the world, whether it be Tibet or the sacred temples of Egypt, India, etc.

Question: Master, is it possible to return back with the body and everything by will?

Answer: In the fourth dimension is the following law: “All things return to their original point of departure.” Many people when in Jinn state with their body of bones and flesh pass the whole night far away from their homes. Thus, floating within the atmosphere, they return to their homes when the aurora is dawning, when the daybreak begins. What is fascinating in this matter is that when returning to their bed, their body comes again to take the same position on the bed which it had before getting up.

On a certain occasion, when I, with my physical body within the fourth dimension, left my house, I had to open the door in order to leave to the street; normally, the latter should become hermetically closed again, however, as an exceptional case, that door remained opened. Still, I do not understand why.

On another occasion, I took a beautiful plant in its pot out of my house, and this pot with its plant returned by itself back to its original point of departure.

I want you to be practical, my dear friends, I want you to become Jinn people. I want you to become true occultists and not simple theorists.

Question: Master, a doubt in relation with Jinn states has arisen in me in accordance with the narrative that you just told us. I have read and heard that in the forests of Ireland entire towns from the fourth dimension were appearing in the third, making them visible and tangible for the woodsmen and hunters of those forests. In other words, I want to indicate a magnificent relationship between the dwellers of those woodlands and those beings of mystery.

Master, could you explain what all of this signifies? Above all, I am abundantly curious to know how do they so easily pass from the fourth dimension into the third and vice versa. An explanation of this is what I asking for.

Answer: My friends, the people of Lemuria lived normally within the fourth dimension. This is why it is stated that Adam and Eve inhabited the terrestrial paradise. However, when humanity delivered themselves to fornication, when the animal passions were unleashed, then the human beings left paradise, they abandoned the fourth vertical.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that the powers in order to pass from one dimension into the other, from the third to the fourth and vice versa, are in a latent state in all human beings, and they can manifest, to become active, whether in an spontaneous or in a permanent way. The Jinn people from Ireland cited by you, as well as from other parts of the world, have those powers in activity, therefore they can pass from one dimension to another by will and without any effort.

Nonetheless, it is obvious that the simpler the person is, the less complicated his mind is, the easier it is to perform such marvels.

Now it is not irrelevant to remember the famous island Nontrabada, which was visible to this humanity in other times. Traditions state that this island was exorcised by a religious man who mistakenly considered it as a “thing from the devil.” The Nontrabada or Concealed has not being seen again by mortals from the eighteenth century to the present, due to the aggressive skepticism that has infected the whole atmosphere of the Earth since that epoch, thus damaging the psychic senses of humanity. Nevertheless, such an island exists, even when it is invisible to contemporaneous people who do not know and do not understand these things.