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Painting by William Blake
Painting by William Blake

The Law of Karma-कर्म: Cause and Effect

"Prana is the Vital Christ or Great Breath. That Vital Christ is modified into Akasha, within which is hidden the Son, the First Begotten, the Purusha of every human being.

Akasha is modified into ether, and the ether is transformed into tattvas. The tattvas are the origin of fire, air, water, and earth.

Therefore, everything that exists, everything that has been, and everything that shall be comes from the Great Breath, the Cosmic Christ, the Army of the Voice, whose supreme commander is Jesus Christ.

Paranishpanna (absolute happiness) without paramartha (awakened consciousness) is not happiness.

Jesus Christ attained paramartha and paranishpanna; nonetheless, he renounced the happiness of the Unmanifested Absolute to come and save human beings and gods.

When the Elohim or glorious dhyanis started to weave on the loom of God, they cried with pain when contemplating the twilight of the Uncreated Light that seemed to sink as a frightful setting sun.

Then Jesus Christ, the great paramarthasatya, passed through the dhyani-pasa and came into the cosmic garden to save the gods, whose innumerable virginal sparks or jivas are devolving and evolving during this mahakalpa.

I, Samael Aun Weor, was a witness of all of these things. I saw when that great being entered the sanctuary and signed a pact of salvation for human beings and he crucified himself on his (Ith-ית), cross.

I witnessed the dawn of the mahamanvantara and give testimony of all of these things.

Later on, at the dawn of the fourth round, the master sent his buddha in order for him to prepare himself in this valley of tears. That buddha is his soul called Jesus.

And his Buddha lit his seven eternal lamps.

And his Buddha raised his seven serpents throughout the seven canals of the candlestick.

Thus, when his Buddha Jesus of Nazareth was prepared there in the Jordan, his resplendent Dragon of Wisdom entered within him in order to preach to human beings and gods.

The sacrifice already happened on that occasion. The commander of all Cosmic Christs, Jesus of Nazareth, already washed with his blood all the sins of the sanctuary and signed the pact between human beings and Kwan-Yin, the Army of the Voice, Vishnu, Osiris, the Great Breath.

Jesus is the supreme conciliator between the human being and divinity." - Kundalini the Sacred Fire of All Religions by Samael Aun Weor

We are entering into the studies of the law of Karma-कर्म. This Sanskrit word Karma-कर्म really means, “Cause and effect.” Indeed, there is not any effect without cause, neither any cause without effect. This cosmic law is one of the three eternal things that we find in the universe.

The universe possesses three eternal aspects:

The first is the Ain-אין or Abstract Absolute Space.

The second is Nirvana-निर्वाण, which is Sanskrit word that means, “Blessed” and is related with that which in Christianity we call the Heavens, HaShamayim-השמים in Hebrew, as it is written: 

Woman Apocalypse Hungary 1890

Ath HaShamayim-את השמים

"And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." - Revelation 21:2

In Nirvana we find all of those Elohim-אלהים, creatures which are perpetually blessed by Ath-את, the Schekinah-שכינה, to be in ecstasy Ath HaShamayim-את השמים, the Heavens.

bhavachakra monastery

The third is the Law of Karma-कर्म, which is really the cause of everything that is and will be.

When we inquire about the origin of everything, we find many theories. For instance, in modern materialistic science we find the explanation for the origin of the universe from only the three dimensional point of view. They say that the universe was created by a cosmic egg that in the past, during an unknown time or date, exploded into all of the galaxies, solar systems that are expanding in the universe; this is of course the famous theory of the Big Bang.

We have to state that we disagree with that theory; indeed, there is not a strong foundation in order to give credit to that theory.

We know that the universe has an origin, a beginning, a zero hour but is not a zero hour for everything, all at once. We have to explain that different aspects of the universe have their own zero hours in different parts, in different points.

Every single solar system has its own origin, its own zero hour, likewise with every human being, every animal, every plant, every planet etcetera.

In order to search for the origin of the universe, we have to study the seven dimensions. We in the universe are not merely three dimensional beings, but rather hepta-dimensional; we have seven dimensions, this physical dimension being the lowest of all of them.

If you want to search for the origin of this particular solar system, we have to search in the past for the causes that originated this particular solar system, and the same for each particular planet. For that we have to study the law of Karma-कर्म, the law of cause and effect which is related directly to not only the three-dimensional world, but you know the dimensional part of the universe. For that, we have to study the universe with our consciousness.

We know that in these times, scientists are studying the laws of the universe with the intellectual mind, or with what we call subjective reasoning, which is related with the five senses, the physical senses. So, everything that can be investigated with the five senses will originate a different theory that we find in science. But, if we want to study the law of Karma-कर्म, we have to awaken the consciousness. In other words, we have to put into activity the seven senses, which are related to the seven chakras or the seven churches of the Book of Revelation.

When we put into activity the consciousness, it is capable of entering into other dimensions and investigating the mysteries of life and death. Not only the mysteries of life or death of the physical body, but the origin, the life and death of the planets, comets, moons, even of that which we call divinity. Then, our knowledge will expand, and we will understand what the law of Karma-कर्म is.

Of course, we could give an intellectual explanation about these matters, but it is necessary for us to be attentive in order to understand Assiah, because it is only related to the three- dimensional world, to the physical world.

In order to understand Assiah, we have to understand what the consciousness is, and what the spirit is.

In another lecture, we spoke about Einstein, the great physicist, who said that mass transforms itself into energy and energy into mass. So, this vast mass or matter that we find in the universe will eventually be converted into energy, but that same energy will become matter or mass in the future. So really there is not a name for the matter even for the energy, it is a constant transformation.

Behind the phenomena we find the Noumenon. The Noumenon is the intelligence that originates all these transformations. These transformations happen both in the simple atom, and in the vast, complicated solar system.

We have to understand that this Noumenon or intelligence in itself independent of perception by the senses, that in religion we call Elohim is really not individual but multiple. Different religions have studied this Noumenon, or intelligence and they gave to it different names, which are of course related with our own particular self-realization or development, spiritual development we need to study.

When we teach about this origin of the universe or the origin of things, the beginning of things, we have to give a specific name which comes from Sanskrit, and that name is decidedly Fohat.

To specify what Fohat is, in simple words, you would say:


בר-אש-ית בר אאלהים

Bar-Esh-It Bar-AElohim

But, BarEshIt BarAElohim-בראשית בר אאלהים is not a physical fire (BarEsh-בראש, the Son of Fire who is the Son of AElohim-בר אאלהים in Aramaic and Hebrew), you might say that it is fire of the fire, the fire within the fire. It is that fire that eventually transforms energy into matter and matter into energy by means of the Ith-ית, the crossing of Father/Mother, symbolize in the two letters Iod-י of the letter Aleph-א of Ath-את, the Schekinah-שכינה.

If you study the symbol of water, you find that it is formed by two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. The intelligence that unites these atoms is the Fohat. This Fohat is that activity of the intelligence that in Christianity is called the Holy Spirit. In the East, in India, they call it Shiva, the Lord Shiva. In Kabbalah they call it Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, Binah-בינה which means, “intelligence.”

So, this Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, Binah-בינה, intelligence, Holy Spirit or Fire is not a person, but is that Theomertmalogos or entity that is in the depths of everything.

VeAth HaAretz ואת הארץ

VeAth HaAretz-ואת הארץ

If you investigate what is the intelligence that unites the sperm with the ovum within the womb of our mother, you will find that the intelligence was the Fohat, Ath-את, the Schekinah-שכינה, in the earth, VeAth HaAretz-ואת הארץ. This is why the two letter Hei-הא of יהוה are the symbol of the Schekinah-שכינה. It was Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים, Binah-בינה, the Holy Spirit, the Father/Mother; it is Aleph-א, that symbolizes the pure waters that spring forth and take their origin from the fountain, the intelligence that has no form, but that is the origin of form and is beyond matter and energy.

Certainty, it is through meditation that we can experience these matters, because this is the way to experience what Fohat is.

Right now, intellectually speaking, we have to utilize our imagination in order to understand, but what is best is to enter into meditation, concentrated in the Fohat, that fire, in order to understand consciously what that fire is.

That Fohat is that burning bush Moses worshiped upon Mt. Sinai. The same fire the Zoroastrians worshipped with the name of Ahuramazda. The same fire that we call Christ, and which in Latin is called Christus-Lucifer, which indeed is a very scary name for the fanatical people of Christianity.   When they hear the name Lucifer, they feel fear. We know that Lucifer is a Latin word which means, light and fire, or “bearer of light.” It is not related with any particular evil spirit as they think, it is just a name for the same fire that we are talking about here. 

Christus-Lucifer is always in the center of every living human being. This, being Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth or any initiate. Christus-Lucifer, a.k.a. the resplendent Dragon of Wisdom incarnates within any initiate who is duly prepared. As it is written:

“And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the (Holy) Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." - Matthew 3:16,17


“Then was Jesus led up of the (Holy) Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of (IAO-ה-יִהָוֹ) the diablo-Διάβλο.” 

"And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

“But Jesus answered and said, It is written:

“And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knew not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Iod-Havah-יהוה doth man live.” - Deuteronomy 8:3

"And (the tempter) saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

“Jesus said unto him, It is written again:

“Ye shall not tempt Ath-Iod-Havah-את־יהוה, thy Elohim-אלהים, as ye tempted him in Massah.” - Deuteronomy 6:16

"Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

“Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written:

“Thou shalt fear Ath-Iod-Havah-את־יהוה, thy Elohim-אלהים, and him shalt thou serve, and shalt swear by his name.” - Deuteronomy 6:13                

Matthew 4:1,3,5,7-10

Satan and Job

“The doctrine of Moses is the doctrine of Lucifer.”
“The law is the law, and the law is fulfilled.”
-The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

"Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” - Matthew 12:31,32

בר-אש-ית בר אאלהים

Christus-Lucifer is Bar-Esh-בר-אש, the Son of Fire, the Son of AElohim-בר אאלהים in Aramaic and Hebrew. So, Christus-Lucifer is the one who - by means of his Ith-ית - the cross or Tav-ת, apply to us the Kamaduro (fornication) and Kamasaya (adultery); as it is written in the 10 commandments, which are the commandments of his 10th letter Iod-י, as it is written in the book of Job:

"And there was a day when the Beni of the Elohim-בני האלהים (better said: the Sons of AElohim-בני האאלהים) came to present themselves before (the two letter Hei-הא of) Iod-Havah-יהוה, and HaSatan-השטן came also among them.

And Iod-Havah-יהוה said unto the God, El־HaSatan-אל־השטן, Whence comest thou? Then the God, El־HaSatan-אל־השטן answered Iod-Havah-יהוה, and said, From going to and fro in the earth (the physicality of anyone), and from walking up and down (as Bar-Esh-בר-אש, the Son of Fire) in it (their spinal column)."

“And Iod-Havah-יהוה said unto the God, El־HaSatan-אל־השטן, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth Elohim-אלהים, and escheweth evil?

Then Satan answered Ath-Iod-Havah-את־יהוה, and said, Doth Job fear Elohim-אלהים for nought?.......

“And Iod-Havah-יהוה said unto the God, El־HaSatan-אל־השטן, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thy hand. So, HaSatan-השטן went forth from the presence of Iod-Havah-יהוה.” - Job 1:6,7,8,9,12

“And Iod-Havah-יהוה said unto the God, El־HaSatan-אל־השטן, Behold, he is in thine hand; but save his Ath-Soul-את־נפשו.” - Job 2:6

That fire is always acting, working in accordance to certain causes in relation with the law of Karma-कर्म.

It is not a fire that will come to violate the law. It is that fire that in Christianity we say is always accomplishing the will of God, the will of the Father. Who is this Father? This is a name that we give to that force from which this Fire comes. You could say that it is Ain-אין, the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, then you will understand.

That Eternal Common Cosmic Father is everywhere, inside of each one of us; it is that Fire through which the law of Karma-कर्म acts, inside of each one of us.

Christ, the Fohat is the origin of this planet Earth.

That is why, talking about this Fire, it is written in the Gospel John:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.” - John 1:1-3

The Father is light. The Word, the fire is sound. If you sharpen your ears when you are close to a physical fire and listen, you will see that it is making a hissing sound (Sssssssss). That is what in Greek is called the Logos, the Verb, Christ, Fohat, Fire; has no form but sounds like fire.

It is always there. It is the Logos that has the power to organize atoms, molecules, cells in order to create a human being, an animal, a plant, a planet, a comet, a sun, star, a solar system. It is what we call the multiple perfect unity. It is always present in the creation of a universe. When the universe is created, this Fohat is always crucified in the center of any matter. It is crucified because this Fire will originate light and will sustain that particular light until that matter will transform in energy once again.

If you were to look for the foundation of this light, a reconnaissance upon the earth, you would go to the depths and find that Fohat, which constantly is originating light, sustaining the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, human kingdom, through the transformation of the matter.

One aspect of this intelligence digests your food, the food that you eat. Indeed, it requires no effort on our part in order to digest our food; we just eat, and the food goes into the stomach and certain intelligences dissolve that food, which in turn become different vitamins and minerals for our body.

Another type of intelligence know how to breath for us, even when we are asleep, and is able to place that oxygen that we receive into our lungs, and then into the blood, and helps sustain our life through breathing. That oxygen purifies our blood, that will in turn nourish all the cells, molecules and atoms in our physical body.

If you observe carefully your physical body, you will see that there is a lot of intelligences there and you do not need to make any effort in order to breath, in order to digest. This is intelligence. Of course, that intelligence is that Fohat that enters into us, night and day, into our organism,  but we ignore that it is there!

That fire is divided into many fires, into other intelligences that act in the body. In Christianity you find that it is stated that the Holy Spirit resides in our body, in the body of the temple of the Holy Spirit. But, this Fire always acts according to the law. This intelligence is always applying the law, cosmic law, the law of Karma-कर्म.

When a particular planet or solar system is being created by that Intelligence, from the bottom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father always emanate millions of sparks that are common to this universe, in order to learn, in order to acquire notes, in order to acquire intelligence. Those sparks that emerge from that bonfire which is The Father, which is that that in Theosophy which we call the Monad; this Greek word Monad means, “Unity.” That particular unity is our own spirit, our own particular Being.

So, there are many Sparks, many Beings, Monads or Spirits in the universe. Indeed, not only human Beings have Monads or spirits, but all of the animals, the plants, the minerals, the planets, suns,  moons do as well. Of course, those Monads are among those sparks of the same Fire which are evolving or developing in different degrees.

For instance, you cannot say that the Monad that beautifies, the is at the center of this planet Earth as the same level of development, the same degree as a Monad of an ant. In our case, our Monad is more intelligent than the Monad that beautifies a simple fly.

There are thirty- three degrees among the Fohat in each universe. Of course, a Fohat is always acquiring more flames more Fire in order to shine stronger, stronger, and stronger and stronger; the light of that fire is what we would call gold. So, as these sparks acquire more and more experience, more and more light, when they return to the bonfire, that bonfire will shine all the more!  But, in order to acquire that, we need to learn, we need to awaken intelligence in this universe. Therefore, the law of Karma-कर्म is the law of the scale.

That law helps those sparks to balance what they want to acquire. If they are lacking certain intelligences in order to understand certain laws, the law of the scale, which is Karma-कर्म, will help them comprehend that in the universe. This is how those Monads or Spirits acquire what they desire, what they long for, which is more understanding, more light.

Let us speak now about the origin of this planet Earth.

This planet earth has its origin on the law of Karma-कर्म. The planet Earth was born within the chaos. The chaos is not in the physical plane, but within that Causal plane. The Causal plane is beyond the mental plane.

In the causal plane, within the sixth dimension, this Fohat originated the planet Earth. Over time, ages, the planet Earth descended into the mental plane, the fifth dimension. Then, with further time and ages the Earth descended into the astral plane that is also in the fifth dimension. After more time and ages the Earth descended into the etheric plane, the fourth dimension. Finally, it appeared in the physical plane, the third dimension.

The physical plane is the very bottom rung of the descension of the planet Earth, what we also call the process of involution. This planet Earth was created for Karma-कर्म.

Before matter was organized in the manner that it is, in order for this planet to be what it is, the Earth began its development in a very ancient Cosmic Day. A Cosmic Day represents a period of time in which a planet, a solar system is developed.

When a Cosmic Day is concluded, then the planet becomes a moon; it slowly disintegrates, turning in to dust eventually.

Right now, individually speaking every single human being is originating a particular cause or we’ll say an effect that in the future will be a cause. So, with time, this planet will become a moon and will disappear. The effect of all the actions of all the creatures of this planet will originate another one, and that particular planet that will be in the future will be the effect, the consequence of all the activities, all the causes that we are performing in this very moment, that we performed in the past, and that we will perform in the future on the surface of this planet. That is why we say that the origin of this planet is the Moon.

You see the Moon shining in the night sky, well, it is a dead planet. There is no life there, but that Moon had life in the past Cosmic Day. Where then is the life of that Moon? It is here in the universe. We will say that the life of the Moon was incarnated in a new body, and that body is the planet Earth.

So, before this planet was created, when this planet was nonexistent, merely something in the imagination of somebody, the life of this planet was in the Moon. That dead corpse that we see in the night was replete with light. Upon that planet seven humanities were developed, and all the Fohats or Monads that were acting upon that Moon-Earth, when they were first evolving were trying to reach a certain level of intelligence, but, unfortunately, they performed a lot of wrong deeds. They committed a lot of mistakes. Those mistakes originated Karma-कर्म. The origin of this planet is those mistakes.

That is why, when we search for the origin of this planet and for the reason that we are living in the way that we are living now, we find the answer in the law of Karma-कर्म.

This planet is a mistake of different Monads, or in other words it is a mistake of the Gods, in order for them to understand, because a Fohat or a Monad spirit is a God. The mistakes of different Monads or Spirits in the past originated this planet, which is the Karma-कर्म of the world.

Really the particular activities or the particular behavior of this planet Earth is very old related to other planets of our solar system and of our galaxy. Other societies, other civilization are different, but this particular planet earth is very degenerated. Why? Karma-कर्म!

It is obvious that if all the inhabits of this planet would come to understand this law, and fight in order to change the law in our favor, the whole planet will become different. Here, however, people instead are changing for good are changing for bad. We are not only destroying our own lives, but we are destroying all lives and even the life of this planet. Everything is polluted, because of our ignorance.

The Great Cosmic Law sent to this planet many great messengers in the past, in order to help us. We have to understand that this law of Karma-कर्म is not a drastic law like many people think, one that is unchangeable, one that cannot be negotiated with, one without mercy.

There is mercy in the universe. There is always these great Beings trying to help us. But unfortunately, we always pay these Beings with a black coin. Many Beings were sent to this planet earth in order to help.

When we say this, let us understand that we are not talking about theories and certain groups who say that Moses came in a cosmic ship, that Jesus came in a cosmic ship, and that they will return in cosmic ships; that they were using cosmic ships in order to perform miracles... No, we are not talking about that, though we do not deny that other societies or communities in the universe have cosmic ships.

When we say that other people or Beings of other planets came to this planet in order to help, we are saying they came through the law of reincarnation.

If a Being wants to help, they send their human soul, their Tiphereth, and that human soul takes a physical body in the womb of any woman. That soul will become the son or the daughter of people of this planet. Eventually, this person will become a personality that will help. The inhabitants of the planet earth eventually will discover. Therefore, there are exceptions of people who came from other planets in order to help this planet.

This is the case of the great Being called Sanat Kumara. He came eighteen million years ago to this planet Earth, and is still here helping humanity. He came from the planet Venus in order to help with the Karma-कर्म of this planet.

The vibrations of this particular planet Earth affects the psychology of the people of Mars and Venus, which are very close to us. They are always trying to help the Karma-कर्म of this planet.

So, here we find the living mistakes of Spirits or Monads of ancient times that originated on this planet Earth in which we live and have our Being. So, that is the cause of this planet.

Of course, at the dawn of creation there is always new spirits that appear in order to be born, to gain experience. The forces of evolution and devolution always operate under the law of Karma-कर्म, cause and affect. Our particular Monad, our particular Spirit, our particular Being, our particular God has to create the man, the true human being, in order to accomplish that goal.

 Shiva Shakti5

Indeed, the goal of this universe is precisely the creation of Adam. When we say this, understand that we are not pointing at the male of our species, but rather the creation of the true Human Being, that is a male/female made in the image of Elohim.

This word, “man” comes from the Sanskrit word Manas, which means “mind.” When someone acquires Human Mind, they are called Manu, someone that is a real Human Being.

So, the Monad or the Spirit has to create a Human Being. When the Monad creates a human Being, a real man, they have accomplished the goal. But, when we investigate all the Monads of this planet Earth, we discover that they have not created the true man yet. They have to create the true man, the Human Being. The problem is that this planet consists of very selfish people.

Many schools, philosophies try to explain the origin of the universe from the point of view that we are already man, already Human Beings… and that is the great mistake. Modern religion and science insist that man, what constitutes a true Human Being is only the physical body, the shape that we have. They ignore that in order to achieve or to reach the level of Human Being, we need to create, internally, other superior human bodies.

In the same way that we have a human physical body, we also need to possess a human emotional body, a human mental body, and a human causal body. People ignore these bodies. These superior, solar bodies serve to help us travel in other dimensions.

It is due to the strong Karma-कर्म there is of course related with each one of us. When we commit a mistake, the law of the scale or the law of Karma-कर्म immediately acts to balance our consciousness. This law is moved in accordance with the quality of our actions, the quality of our consciousness. The incorrect application of our will originates different types of problems between matter and energy.

There is always good Karma-कर्म or bad Karma-कर्म. Bad Karma-कर्म is what we think of when we hear the word Karma-कर्म, but good Karma-कर्म is called Dharma. As an example, let us say that in your past life, you enjoyed a nice life, a good profession; you were rich and you possessed a nice house, plenty of money, but you were always wasting your food. You ate a lot, and you regularly threw away leftovers into the garbage and you didn’t care, because you were wealthy. But you didn’t think that that food you were throwing in the garbage was good for somebody that was in the streets starving. There are a lot of people like that, that always do that.

So, now that person has died. In their next life they find themselves fighting, trying to get enough money in order to eat, always miserable and living in poverty. What is worse than having little money, is always trying to get it, always fighting for it. Why? Because in the past life they had plenty, and they did not know how to utilize it correctly, consciously. This is how the law of Karma-कर्म teaches you.

Must of the beggars were rich people in pass lives, people that were for wasting food and now are starving.

So, it is a necessary to teach this law, because there are people that think, “Well, I don’t believe in the law of reincarnation, or even the law of Karma-कर्म. Therefore, I don’t care.” Well, this is not a matter of believing. Whether you believe it or not you will return, because it is the law.

This is like if someone were to say: “I don’t believe that the water will get my body wet if I walk under the rain.” Ok. Go ahead and walk under the rain, you will become wet now, whether you believe it or not.

Cosmic laws are Cosmic laws. To not believe in, or to reject these laws is precisely the cause of our suffering. There are people that are of particular religions that insist that one not study these matters, because it is a sin. Therefore they are always in ignorance. They return with a new body, and they are applied the law of Karma-कर्म, whether they know it or not.

If you do good deeds, you will have always your payment.

There’s a friend of mine in New York who I owe a certain quantity of money, because he always sends me of books, lots of books. “So, I forgot to send you the last payment, but you know anyhow that sooner or later I will have to pay you.”

“So, that is why I don’t worry; if you don’t pay me in this life, you will pay me anyhow because it is a Law.” People think that if you take money from somebody, and the person forgets, that you won’t need to pay… You will pay. Maybe not in this life, maybe in the next, but you will pay.

There is always a balancing, because it is the law. If you have a hammer in your hand, and you accidently hammer your finger, it is a law that you will be bloodied. Yet, instead of studying this law, comprehending it inside of us, we just protest. Many people we hear say, “But I was always a good person since I was born. I always do good to everybody, why is God treating me this way? Why is everybody against me? Why am I always so miserable?”

Well, sit down and meditate on your past lives. Search for the origin of that in your past lives and you will discover it.

Another example is of people that are the subject of gossip, critics, being blamed unjustly and suffering greatly. They are always wondering why they are being treated in such a way. Well, look to your past life: you were doing the same thing against them in the past life and now they are treating you the same way.

The problem is that because everybody is asleep, consciously speaking, they do not know anything about their past lives, because they don’t have the senses developed in order to discover that, so they act mechanically. Indeed, the mechanicity of our actions is the main problem here.

Sometimes we act against another, and then we ask ourselves: “Why did I act this way again? Every time I see this person, I am mean towards them. I do not want to be that, but it comes automatically.”

Well, there is something in the psyche that is applying Karma-कर्म to this person or this person is applying Karma-कर्म to us. But, if we do not break that mechanical activity, we will return again, in order to fulfill that Karma-कर्म. We will receive the temptation or give the temptation because we do not know how to balance ourselves, how to re-awaken the consciousness.

The only way to break the pattern is by remembering the cause of that particular incident. This is the only way.

There are many people that believe that a Master can come and perform a ritual that will help or absolve the Karma-कर्म of everyone. It is impossible.

You know that Christ, that Fohat can help you. It is said that Christ forgives the sins of the world, or the Karma-कर्म of the world. Yes, it is true, but only if you comprehend that Karma-कर्म in you, if you analyze it and you make light in the darkness. If you do not make light in the darkness your Karma-कर्म will always be mechanical in your present and future lives.

So, the law of Karma-कर्म is that law that is always acting in any persons life and is related to the law of return and reincarnation. That is why this law exists, in order to give balance.

This is why you see that many people are being born blind, because they were cruel in pass lives. Cruelty originates blindness. Materialism originates tuberculosis. Fornication and torture originate cancer and many other sicknesses which are common place; they are the effect of sexual degeneration in this life and past lives.

There are many afflicted with cancer right now, which is the effect, the consequence of sexual degeneration in past lives. Yet, instead of behaving intelligently, correctly, and solving the problem which put them in this position, they are degenerating more and more, and the result is that the effect becomes stronger and stronger.

The origin of cancer is that what we call lust. Everybody has lust.

Another example is of people who were very envious in past lives are now being born with sicknesses that effect the pigmentation of their skin, different spots, white spots, etc. Of course, you have to understand that this is a type of envy that led to people doing evil against others, people that were mocking other people, etc.

A person that was lying a lot, and whose lies were causing much trouble and suffering to others, even to the point of death to others, such a person will be born in the present life with a very deformed physical body, because he was deforming the truth. Deformity is a type of lie.

However, the law of Karma-कर्म not only originates bad, but also good. There are certain people that are doing evil, yet they are very well off. They have abundance because they are receiving the sum of what they are owed for all of their past lives. Yet, in the present life they are doing evil. You might think that this is an injustice! This person is doing evil meanwhile they have abundance. Well, they are receiving the last of their good Karma-कर्म.

So, if you want to know why the circumstances of your present life are the way that they are, study your past lives. Moreover, the actions of your present life will be the effect or the cause in other words, of your future. This is not reincarnation, but it is the return. This is how the law of Karma-कर्म always acts, not only in human beings but in the world of Assiah.

The origin of the Earth is found in past Cosmic days, but those causes must be studied not only physically, but psychologically. If we look for the causes of our present activities you will see that it comes from within.

The physical body is only a vehicle that nature gives us in order to express ourselves in the universe, whether for good or bad. The ego that we have within is the one that takes the physical body to this place or takes it to the other place. For instance, you have within your soul, your consciousness, the eagerness of knowing about mysteries of planets and the universe, so you come here! You learn, but you do so because you want. So, that will originate of course in you a cause that will have in time have an effect.

If you make the effort to perform the different practices that we teach here, that we give the effect of something good for you in the future, the developing of your inner senses and the consciousness of things that people ignore. Others, however, are thoroughly uninterested in these matters; they are just careless about this. Instead of coming here, they go to the bars.

We know that people drink beer, the drink liquor and they get drunk. Then, later on, they go to apartments or homes of other people. They smoke marijuana, take cocaine etc etc. These are causes of effects that will come in the future, in this person’s present or coming lives.

On the news these days, you see a lot of children being born from addicts. They need the drug when they are a newborn! This seems an injustice you would say, right? But the soul which is within this child is there as a consequence of Karma-कर्म; they receive that body because of their Karma-कर्म. Likewise, the parents will receive a child in accordance with their Karma-कर्म as well.

So, you can see how Karma-कर्म is applied, by balancing the Karma-कर्म of the soul of the child and the soul of the parents. It is obvious that if we change our behavior, our psyche, by the law of Affinity you will bring a different type of soul, if you want to be a parent. Indeed, it is the Law of Affinity that you bring into your marriages, that you bring into your life according to your level, the level of your Being. There is a lot of course of ignorance on this planet and it is due to Karma-कर्म.

Unfortunately, it is the Karma-कर्म of planet Earth.

Most of the people on this planet earth are what we would call narrow minded people. There are still people on this planet that think that life is only found on planet Earth. Maybe it is because they are afraid of losing their Being, right? They might be afraid of losing their particular Being that they ignore about the esoteric meaning of things.

Ethereally, Karma-कर्म is a law that acts individually. For instance, we are here, together. It is obvious that we started working, working together and being that we are here together, working together, we are going to originate a particular Karma-कर्म for this group. Since we are teaching good things and we are performing good works to increase good energy, the Karma-कर्म will be Dharmic, good things for us, good things for the group.

Of course, other people have gotten together in order to plan how to drop a bomb, launch a missle, destroy an airplane etc. Their evil minds that bring them Karma-कर्म, and it will originate evils things and certain facts for them in future.

No, its not that those people need to die, but the reality is that this planet has a lot of evil. People that die in those explosions of terrorism, it is not necessarily that they must die in that way, but they die like that because their evil minds are creating those conditions, because they do not want to change. They think that the correct way to fix this planet is through violence; that this is the way. A lot of people that think like that; they only think with violence, and they think this is the way. Meanwhile, there is so much violence happening on this planet, and it has been happening for a long, long time. Unfortunately, it is getting worse.

People believe themselves to be victims of circumstances, that their Karma-कर्म forces them to do evil… well, we originate our Karma-कर्म, and we are constantly originating new consequences. If you plan to kill 40 or 100 people in airplane that is not Karma-कर्म causing you to perform that, it is your evil mind, your evil will. it is not Karma-कर्म that caused that action, but it is going to be Karma-कर्म for you in the future because you are originating a new effect, a new cause. Indeed, those who kill in that way really gain a lot of Karma-कर्म, very heavy Karma-कर्म.

People that die unjustly are immediately are reborn in a better situation. Of course, they receive help from other planes. But, in order to receive that, help you need to work inside. You do not receive help just because you believe in something. You have to work for that.

In my case for instance, I am receiving help from certain beings internally, not because they like me, no. I am receiving that help because I work a lot in order to gain that. You can also receive that help, if you work in yourself, psychologically speaking, if you change.

There are a lot of people that are full of theory. They like to talk about these things, Karma-कर्म, astral projection, reincarnation, etc but they do not do anything, spiritually speaking. They live like any other. You have to meditate. You have to change psychologically.

What do you do in order to annihilate your anger? Are you annihilating your anger? What are you doing in order to change? Or, are you happy with your anger? Are you like other people that think that to be angry is good?

A lot of people say that lust is okay. God says, “grow and multiply.” Many use that as justification for their lust, for their degeneration. Of course, those people won’t change… well, they might change, but for worse!

If you really think that we should change for good, do not let that remain merely an intention, a thought, do it!

This is why many techniques exist. Zen meditation, mantras, etc etc. There are many ways to in order for you to come to understand yourself, to change psychologically, to acquire another, higher level, then you will have a different life.

Of course, to stop being selfish is another step. If you are changing you have to show others how to change as well. Remember: you are just one cell of the whole organism. There are many sick cells there that are like a cancer for this planet Earth, which are destroying life: human life, animal life, plant life, mineral life. So, if you are conscious of that you change yourself and you behave in a different way, and help others, teach them to do the same.

In the beginning we have to change our thoughts; that is the beginning. It is necessary for us to know how to know ourselves, because if you do not know how to change, how could we do it? First you understand that one of the steps is comprehending that the law of Karma-कर्म, cause and effect exists. Every single action will cause a future effect related with our life, and the life around us. Thus, if we do good, we understand that this will be good for everybody, right? But, if we smoke marijuana, and we invite others to smoke marijuana in our home, perhaps some of those people like to bring cocaine as well then after an orgy…. Well, that will originate a terrible Karma-कर्म for you, for all the people that become involved.

This kind of activity is very common in this moment. In the North, in the South, in the East, in the West, everybody is doing it! So, they originate a Karma-कर्म for themselves, for that particular city. This is how it is in the United States. In all the cities of United States they smoke marijuana, they use cocaine, some cities more than others. So, the whole network of Karma-कर्म is terrible.

There is a lot of sickness and troubles related with marijuana and cocaine. You find these drugs everywhere now. What are they doing in order to change it? Well, I was watching this program a few days ago about the prison New York that they were involved in that, the police in New York were selling the drugs back. Well the police are doing that, so what do you expect? What a great deluge we are in right now… save your life!

We are sitting here performing an effort; we are trying to save at least the half of the castaways. We are already castaways in this late generation, the delusional generation that we are apart of on this planet earth. We have to keep Karma-कर्म, we cannot look into the plans because the Karma-कर्म we’re going have is very heavy on most individuals. We have to escape the big tidal wave that is drowning everybody within. We have to have the courage to swim in another direction.

Believe me, it is not easy because the strength of the current of that tide that is sinking everybody down is very strong. To swim against that is to fight against yourself, because all the causes that are originated the destruction of humanity are within each one of us. We do not need to point to anyone else for the cause of our current situation.

Someone once told me that when you point at another with condemnation, with accusation, there are three fingers pointing back at you. And this makes sense, because the causes of Karma-कर्म are in your brain, in your heart, and in your sex. Those are the three centers you have to study: thoughts, feelings and actions.

If you are angry, and you are hurt, you might even kill somebody. That originates a terrible Karma-कर्म. Sometimes, in the court you can lie in order to defend the life of somebody or to defend your life, but you are causing a special Karma-कर्म for you when you lie. So, we have to always to watch our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The law of Karma-कर्म relates to the spirit, to the psyche, the mind and the body. You see for instance in Europe, in Yugoslavia there is a war. Why? Well, people in that country originate that war. Their own Karma-कर्म. Meanwhile, in Israel there are many problems, their own Karma-कर्म.

Those that are innocent return, because those were accidents; those ones do not deserve to receive the punishment of this particular county. They are born again, they have good Karma-कर्म.

Earthquake are another example of the law of Karma-कर्म in action. Indeed, we are seeing more and more earthquakes occurring in diverse places around the world. It is amazing to see how the law of earthquakes or the law Karma-कर्म manifests. We know that the lines, the borders that define countries are just imaginary lines. Yet, when the earthquake acts, it is like it sees that imaginary line. An earthquake might destroy a particular city, and two miles down the road you find another city intact.

The law of Karma-कर्म exists, and if you awaken the consciousness we can change this law consciously. If we do not awaken, then we are submitted to the law of accidents; if we do not awaken, we will always be asleep, numb to many things. Things will happen to us, either by Karma-कर्म or by accident, and most of the times by accident.

It comes to my memory now a story of the Master. He sent his watch to be fixed at a certain place, close to a public market, in the center of Mexico City. One day he went to the store in order to ask for his watch, and he went with his wife. While in the store he heard an explosion that occured in the market. Someone, by accident, left some dynamite… that is a stupid mind, right? Well, it exploded and killed a lot of people by accident.

Seeing the blood and flames, hearing the siren of the firemen who were going to help… his wife told him, “Let’s get out of here I cannot tolerate this, there is too much pain, too much blood and fire everywhere. I cannot believe it. Lets go home.”

Then, the Master was just quiet and said, “No, I won’t move, because if I move I will die by accident as well.”

“Why?” She asked.

“Because a second explosion is coming and there is no time to even warn anybody. Those firemen that are going to the market in order to help victims are going to die as well.”

Then his wife, the Master Litelantes, said to me that she was just staring at him. She said that a few seconds after, there was a second explosion that was stronger than the first. The newspapers, after the event, reported that only a foot of one of the firemen was found. They were disintegrated. So, you see here how an awakened person can avoid accidents such as this; they can see the future, the things which will happen.

Unfortunately, we are not capable of that, because we are asleep.

We have to awaken!

The hunch, the gut feeling is the voice of the spirit. If we learn how to listen to those hunche, to that voice, it will help us learn how to avoid troubles. The problem is that when you feel the voice of the hunch in your heart, immediately you may think, “Oh, maybe it is just a feeling…” And you reason it away. We do this often.

When you are driving for instance, you feel, you have the hunch to reduce your speed, perhaps because of an accident. You reduce the speed, and perhaps nothing happens... then later on you see an accident and if you were going as fast before, you would be involved too. I remember for instance one day when I was driving my car, I felt an urge to reduce my speed, but I was running late for the lecture I was going to give, I was going to go to home shower and then go and give a lecture. So, in spite of that urge to slow down, I ignore it; I had to go. While I was driving, there a man was crossing the road very slowly. I thought to myself, “Well, since he is looking at me and I am coming fast, he would speed up his walk across the road.”

No. Instead, he slowed down; he was an old man, perhaps seventy or eighty years it old. Immediately I realized that if I tried to break in order to avoid him that I was going too fast, and would hit him. So, immediately I just did something that was not myself really. I moved the car in a certain way that I can’t even remember how? I ended up facing the opposite direction. The man was in the gas station, and I was just seated in my car. What I did what did I do? How did I move the steering wheel? I don’t know. I don’t remember, but I moved it in such a way to end up facing the opposite direction.

I thought to myself, “Well, Is it because I’m too smart?” No! God helped me! He was giving me a warning, but I was not listening. But, he said, this stupid person needs to be still alive, in order to help others, so I will save him. After that I said, no way, I will not do this again. I have to drive slowly. I got to the lecture late, but I was still alive... so that was a good lesson!