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Dreams and Astral Projection

Through dreams we can receive guidance, insight, and solve problems - but first we must become aware that we are dreaming. Conscious experiences of the dream state are also called lucid dreaming, astral travel, astral projection, out of body experiences, etc. The method to be conscious of dreaming is called Dream Yoga. Everyone has the capacity to awaken their consciousness while out of the body, and experience the realities that exist beyond the physical world. Learn more in these articles and courses:

Articles, Books, and Courses about Astral Projection and Dream Yoga

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FAQs about Astral Projection and Dream Yoga

Is astral projection real?

Yes, and rather than rely on other people’s testimonies, you can prove it to yourself through your own experimentation and experience. 

Is astral projection dangerous?

No. Everyone projects into the astral world during sleep and returns to the body upon waking. However, we tend to be unconscious of this process, which is as natural as breathing, digestion, circulation, or drinking a glass of water.

Can I get lost in the astral plane and not return to my body?
No. The Antahkarana: a silver cord that connects the soul with our physicality, cannot be severed except by divinity and the angels of death upon one’s appointed time. 
Who can astral project?
Anyone can consciously astral project through study, training, and self-discipline. Conscious astral projection is not a gift or grace of the few, but an acquired skill.  
How do I astral project at will?
By studying effective techniques and applying them to specific obstacles, anyone can consciously project into the internal worlds.
What is the astral plane like?

The astral world is material like the physical plane, yet more subtle and energetic. Different laws operate in this dimension, including levitation, elasticity, and plasticity, which is why one can fly and pass through walls there. 

Can one be injured in the astral plane?

No, because astral matter is not as dense as our physical world and operates according the more subtle laws. 

How do I become conscious during dreams?

Our dreaming life is a reflection of our waking life. If we awaken consciousness in our physical life, then we will awaken consciousness in the world of dreams and after death. 

How do I interpret my dreams?

Comprehending dreams occurs through studying spiritual symbolism and meditating on their relationship to your physical life. Specifically, study Kabbalah and the Tarot, since they explain the underlying symbolism in all religions. Dreams that do not coincide with physical facts should be discarded as projections of the subjective mind. 

Should I use dream symbol dictionaries?

Dream dictionaries lack the intuition and insight needed to accurately interpret dream symbols. Rather than relying on contemporary opinions, contradictions, or correlations, it is better to study from proven wisdom, like that of Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, and all genuine luminaries. 

Can someone interpret my dreams for me?
Divinity speaks intimately to each of us. When we rely on others to interpret experiences, we obstruct our own capacities for discovery, intuition, and understanding. Meditation is the best answer to comprehending these messages, which others cannot personally know. Also, why should we want others to understand us more than we know ourselves?
Is astral projection in the Bible?
Yes, in many places, but the Bible does not use the word "astral." Instead, it calls astral experiences "dreams."