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108 Recitations of the Mantra for Meditation on Reality: Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha

The Prajnaparamita Sutra ("Heart Sutra" or "Heart of Wisdom Sutra") describes a powerful mantra for meditation, which is recited daily by Buddhists worldwide:

tadyatha gaté gaté paragaté parasamgaté bodhí svaha!

Since tadyatha means "in this way," or "like this," it is not necessarily part of the mantra that follows it.

"In Sanskrit, tadyatha literally means "it is thus" and prepares the way for what follows; gaté gaté means "go, go"; paragaté means "go beyond"; parasamgaté means "go totally beyond"; and bodhí svaha can be read as "be rooted in the ground of enlightenment." Thus, the entire mantra itself can be translated as "Go, go, go beyond, go totally beyond, be rooted in the ground of enlightenment." We can interpret this mantra metaphorically to read, "Go to the other shore," which is to say, abandon this shore of samsara, unenlightened existence, which has been our home since beginning-less time, and cross to the other shore of final nirvana and complete liberation." —The 14th Dalai Lama

This mantra is intended to be used in meditation, and is a kind of key that unlocks our perception of fundamental reality.

"The one who wants to experience the truth must undoubtedly relax the body, empty the mind, and sing the mantra of the prajnaparamita. Thus, one day, you will achieve the experience of that [sunyata, emptiness, the absolute, the ain soph] which is not of time, of that which is the truth. And, the one who experiences the truth begins to work really, truly, with strength on oneself. " - Samael Aun Weor, Dharmakaya

This video provides 108 recitations of the mantra, which you can use as an accompaniment to your meditation while you learn the mantra. Of course, ultimately it is better to meditate using the mantra in silence!

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