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Belilin: A Mantra for Defense Against Temptation and Black Magic

There is a powerful mantra that we can use to defend ourselves from sexual temptation and the attacks of foolish people. It is called the mantra בלילין Belilin. This Hebrew word בלילין means “the abode of the Sun.” The Sun is a universal symbol of the Christ, which is not a person but a profound intelligence, a force known by many names. By chanting the mantra בלילין Belilin, we call upon the cosmic force of Christ for protection. For protection at night and during dreams, sing this mantra before going to sleep. Whenever we use it, this mantra must be sung with all of our heart, with emotion.

The Mantra Belilin

"Belilin... Belilin... Belilin... Amphora of salvation. I would like to be next to you; Materialism has no power close to me. Belilin... Belilin... Belilin..."

Those who are working to awaken consciousness are often erotically attacked (usually at night) while their bodies repose during their normal sleep. There are temples of black magic in the internal worlds that send very beautiful and seductive sorcerers and sorceresses with the sole purpose of making students fall sexually. They know that when someone loses the seminal energy, the Kundalini descends and thus the weak and naive student loses power. Therefore, it is necessary for the students to learn how to defend themselves from these nocturnal, erotic attacks. To that effect, the Angel Aroch gave Samael Aun Weor the mantra Belilin for defense against these attacks.

As with other mantras, there are various melodies and ways to sing it. Once, while meditating, an instructor entered Samadhi and had an experience with his Innermost. Standing next to his innermost, the two of them watched a torrential river of light and sound emerging from the void of space. The river flowed with innumerable geometrical forms which produced the majestic Seventh Symphony of Beethoven. When the third movement of the Seventh Symphony began to flow from that river of light and sound, the instructor heard voices singing...

Learn more about this mantra and many more in "The Divine Science" by Samael Aun Weor:

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