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Heal Emotional and Spiritual Pain with the Natural Medicine of the Rose

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How many people die every day or become sick because of emotional suffering? How many kill themselves or sink into despair because of emotional pain? Even with all their chemicals and theories when has any doctor or psychologist actually cured the emotional suffering of a person?

Yet a cure exists, and it is free and totally healthy, with no side effects or hidden dangers. it is the medicine of the rose.

Spiritual, emotional, and ethical pain can be cured. Those who have been spiritually abused or traumatized, or suffered deep emotional pains can be cured. When we need help with an ethical or moral sickness, this medicine will help.

Nature hides many secrets. There are ancient medicines and remedies yet to be known by modern science. Of all the beauties of nature there is no doubt that one of the greatest is the rose.

The rose is the queen of the flowers. The medicine of the rose is as powerful as its beauty. The rose has the power to cure emotional illnesses, traumas, and pains. The Rose can cure moral and ethical sicknesses.

Furthermore it can cure spiritual traumas. There is no wound that hurts more than spiritual cruelty. Yet those who have been spiritually damaged by the failures of spiritual groups or leaders can be cured by the medicine of the rose.

Those poor souls who have very deep emotional pain can be cured with the medicine of the rose.

All that is needed are three roses, three glasses, water, and a willingness to pray for help.

It is always best to cut your own wild or homegrown roses whenever possible, and roses that smell good are the best of all. It is better to avoid store bought roses as they are often treated with unsafe chemicals, unless you can find untreated ones. It is possible to buy organic or untreated roses at some florists and grocers.

Roses have an extraordinary healing power. Drinking blessed rose water is perfectly natural, has no side effects, and is free. This is a very easy yet powerful treatment that stabilizes and strengthens our emotional center, and can be used as long as it is needed.

Place three glasses filled with pure water on a table with one rose in each glass. Arrange the glasses in a triangle, with one glass towards the north, another towards the east and another towards the west.

This treatment must be accompanied by sincere prayer to divinity for help to become free from the pain or affliction.

Each glass must be blessed by the person performing this rite.

The patient will drink the three glasses of rose water daily in the following sequence: before breakfast drink the glass of water that faces the east. Before lunch drink the glass of water that faces the north, and before dinner drink the glass of water that faces the West.

Any emotional pain, as grave as it might be, will be cured with this formula, which can be repeated for as many days as are necessary.

This easy and practical technique was given by Samael Aun Weor in his book Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic.

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