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Kundalini is the Sacred Fire of All Religions, and the Basis of Becoming an Angel or a Devil

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It seems as though, like the words, yoga, karma, and meditation, everyone knows the word kundalini but does not know what it actually is. This new book from Glorian aims to fix that.

Kundalini is the Sanskrit name for the sacred fire represented in all religions. Kundalini is not something abstract, distant, symbolic, imaginary, or theoretical. It is also not something mechanical, automatic, like magnetism or electricity, that can be accidentally sparked or awakened, or manipulated by repeating rituals, mantras or prayers.

Kundalini is a divine power that is bestowed on those who earn it. The fire of the Pentecost empowered and awakened the apostles of Jesus; it guided Moses and shone from his face. It is the sacred power given by Prometheus to create real human beings.

The Kundalini is the presence and power of our inner Divine Mother. It is a living intelligence, the very power or shakti of the gods. To wield it, one must earn the right. That power is never given to an impure or unprepared person.

Like any power, it has an antithesis: that is what most people mistakenly call "kundalini." The negative fire is Kundabuffer, or in Hebrew, nahasch seraph. The Greeks depicted it as Medusa. You might know it as the tempting serpent of Eden. So there are two forces: positive and negative. They awaken according to our psychological and sexual condition, and by very specific actions.

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