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A Mantra to Control Your Sexual Appetite and Nourish the Thymus Gland

If you have unhealthy sexual appetites that are leading towards degeneration and pain, you need to strengthen your thymus gland, and saturate it with uplifting forces. There is a powerful mantra exactly for this purpose. The mantra Abracadabra is Hebrew אברה קדברה Ebrah K’Dabri, which means "I create what I speak." Its primary component is the vowel A, which stimulates the thymus gland. When used consciously, the vowel A nourishes the thymus gland, giving us control over our sexual appetite.

This video provides more than one hour of mantra recitation that you can follow. Use it to accompany your meditation practice.

To perform this mantra:

1. Relax. Become perfectly still, like you are going to sleep.

2. Empty your mind.

3. Concentrate inwardly.

4. Consciously concentrate the mantra in your thymus gland.

The purpose of these videos is as an accompaniment as you close your eyes and dive within, leaving the body, the room, and of course the video far behind. If someone is watching the video with their eyes for one full hour, or even focused on listening to it with their ears, they will not learn how to meditate.

"When this gland is active, the organism does not age. The sage-doctors of antiquity said that the vowel “A,” when it is pronounced wisely, has the power to make the thymus gland vibrate. The ancient sages utilize the wise mantra so vulgarized by people today: Abracadabra. This mantra is said to keep the thymus gland active during life. They pronounced this word forty-nine times in the following way:


"The word was pronounced so that the sound of the vowel “A” was prolonged. Even some doctors are beginning to cure by means of musical sound. It is interesting to acknowledge that in the voice of the doctor, in each of his words, there is a source of life or death to his patients.

"The endocrinological science should study the intimate relationships that exist between music and the endocrine glands. It is better to investigate, analyze, and comprehend than to laugh at that which we do not know." —Sexology, the Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology​ by Samael Aun Weor

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