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Glacial Humans

Well, my friends, now we are going to discuss the glacial humans.

It is urgent to comprehend the process of the revolution of the axis of the Earth, which brings distinct glaciations. It has said unto us that before the past glaciation, the poles of the Earth were situated in the zone that presently corresponds to the equatorial line, in such a way that what was the equator became converted into the poles, and vice versa. This is what originated the submergence of Atlantis, and it is clear that by such cause the terrestrial geography changed.

Vegetal carbon was found in the North Pole, and in Siberia at the shore of the great rivers, pre-deluge animals that perished by cold and ice have been discovered. Such completely tropical creatures were from one moment to the next surprised by the ice and snow, thus they died.

The First Root Race that existed in the world lived in the polar cap of the north, on the Secret Island. That region was tropical and was situated, as we already said, in the equatorial zone, although, later on, due to the revolution of the axis of the Earth, it came to occupy its current place.

The First Root Race lived there, in that region, and was completely protoplasmic. The bodies of those people were ductile, elastic; they could achieve gigantic proportions or shrink themselves at will. They did not have the physical consistency of the present humanity. Nonetheless, the people from that Root Race were happy. They perceived the world and things in their complete, integral way. They saw not only what is merely physical, but moreover they could see the soul and spirit of all beings and things. The whole Earth, with its seas and mountains, had then a very beautiful, intensely blue color.

Even though it seems incredible, the truth is that the First Root Race that existed in the world was of a very beautiful black color. However, it is a little difficult for contemporary people to comprehend that in the cheeks of those black people, and in their face in general, in spite of being a race of color, shined a certain redness similar to fire.

Their reproductive system was completely different from the present one. Those human beings reproduced themselves in a way that is very similar to the division of organic cells. We already know that one cell is divided into two and that those two become divided into four and the four into eight, etc. Thus, in the same way, the organism of the Father-Mother did it. Their organism was totally androgynous, because it was neither masculine nor feminine, but it had both polarities at the same time. At a determined moment, their organism was divided into two. Thus, the child was, as a way of saying it, detached from the Father-Mother. This was a very profoundly religious event.

To some people, a race of androgynes might appear as strange. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the first human race was like that. The people from that protoplasmic race had marvelous temples, grandiose cities, and a very rich divine wisdom.

The Angel Uriel lived on the planet Earth at that time; he had a human physical body. He wrote a grandiose book with Nordic runic characters. He accomplished a very beautiful mission by teaching the humanity of that epoch.

That humanity is the Adam-Solus to whom the Bible refers, that Adam from whom the mythological Hebraic Eve was not yet separated.

Centuries, innumerable millions of years, have passed. Nevertheless, that race, in spite of having transformed themselves into other races, is still preserved in very original forms. This is something that could overwhelmed the audience.

What I want to state is that not all the individuals of that race disappeared from the face of the Earth. A certain group of such primeval people exist; they still live here on the Earth. That mysterious group presently abides in a secret subterranean city, situated exactly in the North Pole. They are the glacial humans, who, for the good of this poor suffering humanity, still exist.

What is most astonishing about this matter is that such individuals or such a group that correspond to the first race, in spite of having been isolated in order to avoid all of those organic transformations that gave origin to all the millions of human beings who populate the face of the Earth, have preserved their original purity, but moreover — and this is what is most remarkable — they achieved a unique, special, and extraordinary metamorphosis. Presently, the members of that group have a beautiful human size and presence similar to our own. They have perfect bodies of flesh and bone, and great wisdom. Indeed, they are the living prototype of what all of the populace of the Earth should be.

There is no doubt that their subterranean city situated under the polar ice is formidable, marvelous. They possess a high, ultramodern technology; they have access to mechanical apparatuses that correspond to a remote future, therefore they are well-developed ahead in time.

It is clear that those glacial humans will help us — especially in the future wars — through their medicine, by healing wounds or curing sick people, through atomic science and chemistry by assisting the victims of biological warfare or nuclear bombs, etc. They can assist people and be unnoticed everywhere.

Question: What is the reason for that race to have preserved itself, without mixing with our own?

Answer: I will gladly answer the gentleman. It is clear that the human beings of the First Root Race — before becoming Hyperboreans — passed through many transformations. These souls (the Hyperboreans), even though they were also androgynous, reproduced themselves by means of that which we can call “budding.” The budding system is similar to the budding of plants. Any vegetal sprout that is detached from its original trunk can be transformed into another plant. Likewise, oviform spores were detached from the Hyperborean bodies. Such spores were converted into new independent organisms.

The Lemureans came after the Hyperboreans. The Lemureans were hermaphrodite people of flesh and bones who reproduced themselves by gemmation. An egg was detached from the ovary; this egg, after a certain time, was opened in order for a new creature to come from it, who was nourished through the breasts of the Father-Mother.

The Lemurean race, after million of years, was divided into opposite sexes. This event is symbolized in the Bible by that allegory in which Jehovah extracts Eve from a rib of Adam.

It is clear that after the human beings were divided into opposite sexes, reproduction was then performed by means of sexual cooperation. This is the system we presently have.

As you are hearing, the primeval, original race, through time and many centuries, transformed itself into other races. The primeval, original race passed through incessant metamorphoses, evolutions, and devolutions, etc. Nonetheless, I repeat, there was a certain group from this primeval original race that removed themselves from all of those successive metamorphoses and that preserved itself, pure and virginal, until our days. These are the glacial humans.

Question: Is possible to visit these glacial humans?

Answer: Already in a former discussion written in this book we stated that is possible to place the physical body into the fourth dimension. We taught the clue; we explained that each individual has his own particular Mother Nature, and that if we profoundly concentrate in her in those instants when falling asleep, if we beg and beseech her for the favor of placing our physical body inside the unknown dimension, she will help us in this matter. We then affirmed that we just have to get up carefully from our bed, in order to preserve the sleepy state, as if we were somnambulists, nonetheless, with our consciousness very awakened.

Thus, in those circumstances, while floating in the surrounding environment of the fourth dimension, we can visit the city of the glacial humans. It is clear that faith is necessary, a great deal of faith, love for Christ, and true longing. Only like that is the triumph possible.

Question: Can we visit them without their permission?

Answer: Generous young lady, allow me to tell you in an emphatic manner that all doors are closed to the unworthy, except one: the door of repentance.