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Mysterious Disappearances

My friends, since the last century, the phenomenon of a great quantity of mysterious disappearances has been presented. This is something that we must study.

In the last century, the spectacular case of the disappearance of an entire marine crew was registered. A certain ship that was navigating towards Spain was found in the middle of the sea in a perfect state, loaded with jewels, merchandise, and things of a great value, but without a crew. That ship was found completely solitary; absolutely nothing was ever discovered about its mariners.

The people who found that ship did not find any symptoms of violence, therefore, the possibility of a mutiny onboard was ruled out. The kitchen utensils, the valuable jewels, the wines, were found complete, therefore, the possibility of any piracy act was also ruled out. Therefore, my dear friends, this invite us to think, what happen to those people? Who abducted them in the middle of the sea? Behold here a tremendous mystery that until now has not been resolved.

In the past century, some armies disappeared while on the battlefield. Who captured them? Mystery, mystery… In the epoch of Napoleon Bonaparte, a great ambassador disappeared in the presence of his servants; he was never found. What mysterious hand snatched him away?

Tony Maldonado, husband of a daughter of mine, saw a cadet in Guatemala who disappeared instantaneously when crossing the street, submerging himself within the unknown dimension. What hand snatched him away?

Airplanes filled with passengers and crew have disappeared while in full flight, without leaving the least trace. Who has snatched them away?

When carefully reflecting on this matter, we arrive at the logical conclusion that in these precise moments, in the test tubes of Nature, experiments are being performed for the creation of the future great Sixth Root Race that will live on the transformed Earth of tomorrow, after the gigantic cataclysm that is approaching.

It is evident that the most select seed of the human species is being removed from the Earth and taken away to other planets of infinite space. There is no doubt that the extraterrestrial beings are performing this magnificent labor.

It is evident that the great Sixth Root Race is being created now. A Seventh Root Race will also exist, and will be the last one on our planet. However, that race is still very far away in time. Let us discuss the Sixth Root Race.

Extraterrestrial women have arrived with the purpose of becoming pregnant. Terrestrial males will be taken to other planets in order to impregnate extraterrestrial women; thereafter, they will be brought back.

It is good to remember now that unusual case from Brazil. A certain cosmic ship landed on a solitary field. A simple peasant that was walking by was taken by force into the UFO. Blood was extracted from him; the blood was analyzed. Thus, that peasant from the woods was studied in detail by them. Thereafter, an extraterrestrial woman, similar to a Chinese woman but with blonde hair, came and sexually seduced him. Thus, that good peasant had sexual intercourse with her. Afterwards, he was taken out of the ship, which departed towards the infinite space. There is no doubt that the woman came in order to be fecundated. She took the terrestrial human seed. Objective? To obtain a certain very special mixture.

It is obvious that many other inhabitants of the Earth have had similar experiences; some of them have preferred to keep silence because of fear of being mocked by their neighbors.

By carefully analyzing all of this, we can verify that the extraterrestrial beings are making special experiments in this day and age, whose final results will appear on the transformed Earth of tomorrow, a long time after the planetary collision that will occur in the year 2500. The human seed will be brought back again to the Earth. Then, the next Sixth Root Race will be formed by very important mixtures.

I understand that the people of the Sixth Root Race will be very beautiful and they will be smaller in size. It is obvious that they will be the outcome of sexual crosses between terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings. Therefore, it is not strange that in this day and age many people are disappearing. As the years come to pass, these mysterious disappearances will notably increase.

Dear friends, be prepared; do not forget that we are living in extraordinary moments. Thus, it would not be uncommon for any of you to be abducted also, and transported to any planet of the infinite space.

Question: How is it that if they have practically invaded us already, they have not given their message to humanity in a general way? Why such a mystery?

Answer: My dear friend, I will answer your question with great pleasure. Allow me to inform you that at a certain time these extraterrestrial beings will speak through the distinct satellites that Russia and the U.S.A. have in orbit around the Earth. Then, they will also make delectable cosmic melodies reach us.

It is good to tell you that presently there are extraterrestrial crews inside orbiting cosmic laboratories, where our ideas, customs, language, etc., are registered.

The Sybil of Prague prophesied all these things many centuries ago, and she even emphatically asseverated that on a not so distant day, the voice of God — the Word, we could say, of the extraterrestrial beings — will be heard across the whole roundness of the Earth. Then, every knee will bend in order to hear the Word that comes from the height. There is no doubt that such a moment is approaching; then we will know the message of the extraterrestrial beings.

Unusual events will happen before that. Some U.S. or Russian spacecraft will be abducted and taken to other planets. As well, it is true that the astronauts from the tower of Babel (NASA) will see the extraterrestrial cosmic ships; however, they will keep silence, because the arrogance of the scientists of that tower is terrible; they wish to become the lords of the whole infinite. Nonetheless, they will be fulminated in their day and hour.

Allow me to tell you, gentleman who has asked the question, that the Earth has not been invaded by the extraterrestrial beings, because they know how to respect the free will of their fellowmen. Nevertheless, for the good of the Great Cause, certain subjects are being carried away to other planets with evident scientific purposes. Nonetheless, these abducted people are respected and they receive magnificent treatment.

Question: Honorable master, would you tell us if these extraterrestrial beings have the same human nature as us?

Answer: Great friend, your question is abundantly fascinating. Allow me to tell you with infinite sorrow, that we, the earthly people, are not yet truly humans in the most complete sense of the word. It is obvious that at the moment we are only intellectual humanoids, and that is different.

The extraterrestrial beings who are visiting us are human beings in most complete sense of the word; true humans, people who already conquered the infinite space. Behold the difference: those people are endowed with great wisdom; they possess knowledge that we do not even remotely suspect. They are, therefore, immensely superior to us. That is all.

Question: Master, could you tell us if these extraterrestrial human beings inhabit the planet Mars or the planet Venus?

Answer: Noble lady, I have to tell you that the UFOs come from distinct planets of the infinite. There is no doubt that a humanity of a very superior type exists on the planet Venus, and that Mars also has inhabitants, even though the scientists from this modern science are obstinately denying it.

The terrestrial photographic devices that are sent in artificial satellites cannot in any way give us information about life existing on planets like Venus or Mars. Nevertheless, it is good to asseverate for you that in the future, the terrestrial beings could verify by direct experience the current existence of Venusians and Martians.