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Rocks or Something Else?

Question: A long time ago, in the house in the little town where we lived, we saw many rare phenomena, such as the following. Many kinds of supplies were distributed in this house, due to the fact that it was a kind of town store where could be found just about anything, and where the supplies were given in credit to the poor people who could not pay daily their expenditures. They were given some value tickets which supposedly they should pay every week. However, due to the fact that the majority of the men drank too much alcohol, they were drinking at the expense of the money that they earned, thus causing great dramas to their families, since in many of the cases they owed payments of many weeks. One of the debtors, who deliberately denied paying, had the reputation of practicing witchcraft and who on some occasions boasted about it. The fact is that he threatened them, saying not to ask him any more about his debt, otherwise they would regret it.

On a certain night, this man stood approximately one hundred meters from the store. Thus, in our house, which was next to the store, was heard the noise of stones crashing against walls and roof, as if there were a great multitude of people throwing enormous rocks with great strength, to such degree that it seemed as if the house was going to collapse. One of our relatives dared to look through a window and he saw only that sorcerer who, with his sight fixed towards the house, appeared as if he was throwing fire through his eyes, and with an ironic smile and great gestures pronounced some unintelligible words. After some time, it seemed as if such an enormous quantity of stones had been accumulated that to go out of the house would be impossible. Thus, when that individual withdrew, all the noise ceased and everything remained quiet and calm.

Some time after, we went out to see what had happened. However, to our amazement we noticed that there was not even a little grain of sand. This phenomena caused a certain fear among the people of the town, thus they were afraid of the man. Master, could you explain what really happened?

Answer: I will gladly answer your question. Obviously, this matter is related with a black magician, a subject with dangerous powers. Clearly, he was pronouncing magical words through which he commanded certain tenebrous ones. It is clear that the stone phenomena frightened the people. Certainly, the unknown phantoms can throw such stones. These stones travelled in the fourth dimension and even could make themselves momentarily visible, then disappear and return to their original point of departure. Do not forget that in the fourth dimension everything returns to its point of departure. Therefore, if a phantom throws a stone from the fourth dimension with the purpose of making it visible in the physical world, the stone subsequently will return towards the place from which it came.

The case of a certain gentleman whose name I do not want to mention comes into my memory in these instants. He was obviously another sorcerer, who was carrying (at that time) a fifty-cent coin. He could endure a whole night drinking from one tavern to another at the expense of the same coin. People who were wandering in that town say that man entered into any store and asked for beer, bread, and anything he wished; afterwards he paid with that coin. What is astonishing is that in a determined instant, when he left the store, he called his coin by pronouncing a feminine name “XX” (which in these moments I do not remember) and the coin returned into his pocket again. This mentioned gentleman was a black magician who only needed a coin in order to live. There is no doubt that he was in possession of terrible psychic powers and that he could command certain demons who obeyed him.

Question: In the town where we dwelled, an old man who lived there always told me of all the fantastic events that had occurred in those surroundings. On one occasion, he told the case of a peasant who had a conflict with one of the fiduciaries of that place. That conflict ended in a confrontation with machetes, in which the fiduciary died. Thus, the peasant hid the dead man within the ground, covered with ditch reeds from along the river. A few days after, the neighbors came to know that the peasant was dragged every night by the dead man (this was what the peasant said). Some persons even heard that the peasant was talking with the dead man, begging for pity and forgiveness for the murder. Thus, the neighbors decided to interrogate the peasant about the mentioned crime, and he confessed that the dead man was the missing fiduciary. The peasant indicated that the cadaver could be found within the ground covered with ditch reeds of that place. Effectively, later on, they found the cadaver in a state of putrefaction. Afterwards, the peasant organized the celebration of a mass, thus the dead man stopped bothering him for good. Master, is it possible, according to the narrative, that this could have happened?

Answer: Great friend, this narrative is extraordinary. I firmly believe that the ex-personality of the dead could make itself visible and tangible in some places before its final dissolution.

Now, I want to repeat, it is neither the soul nor the spirit of the defunct ones that becomes visible or that manifests in some manner in the physical world, but their ex-personalities. Having a nature that is almost physical, the ex-personalities can manifest themselves in this world of three dimensions, especially in the first days after death. This is how we must understand the case that you narrated. It is clear that with prayers and rituals the avenging phantom could be sent away.

There is no doubt that the blood has a very special magnetic power. That is why with just reason Goethe said, “Blood; blood is special,” and the author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Frederich Nietzche, said, “Write with blood; thus you will learn that blood is spirit.”

A certain relationship exists between the assassin and his victim, due to the blood. Therefore, with the spilling of that vital fluid, the victim, thanks to such an agent, could make himself visible and even tangible to his assassin.

There are certain sects of black magic in the eastern world who invoke the dead. The fanatics from those sects dance again and again in an increasingly frenetic way, and injure themselves with daggers. It is obvious that blood is shed; thus, through that fluidic agent, the demons who are invoked are materialized and make themselves visible and tangible in the physical world! It is clear that those dancing sorcerers are candidates destined for the abyss and the second death.

I have known many extraordinary cases of materialization. A long time ago, when the Master Gargha Kuichines (Julio Medina) was visiting me in these Mexicans lands, we witnessed one of those truly unexpected cases. It happens that we were walking on Cinco de Mayo Avenue, when at a corner we saw a lawyer friend of mine, whose name I do not want to mention; he was dedicated to the practices of Hatha Yoga. We approached him, and shaking his hand very courteously, I greeted him personally, since we were friends. The three of us chatted on the corner. The people who were walking there, in order not to stumble against this lawyer, were going around him. Then we said goodbye to this lawyer and he continued his way on the cited avenue; he was directing himself towards Alameda Central. He was, as a very odd thing, carrying a white hat with a black strip around it; this was an unusual thing which caught our attention, because he never used hat in his entire life.

I explained to Julio Medina that I did not introduce him to the cited friend of mine, due to the fact that because the gentleman was dedicated to Hatha Yoga, I considered that there could not be any type of affinity with such a man. I explained to Julio that the lawyer was occupied as a judge and that some time ago he was with us studying Gnosis. Then we continued on our way.

Many days later, I encountered my friend Alejandro Salas Linares in the town Santiago de Tepalcatlalpan and I narrated to him about the encounter with the lawyer. Great was my surprise when my friend let me know that the mentioned lawyer with whom I had the encounter on Cinco de Mayo avenue had been dead for some time. Thereafter, my friend Alejandro put some emphasis with the purpose of explaining the case to me. “You encountered a dead person,” said Alejandro, “you talked with a deceased person.”

When that encounter with the dead man happened, the day of that encounter, he had died in a car accident far away from the city of Mexico; it happened in the north of the country.

As you can see, this is a matter of a materialization. I think that the ex-personality of that defunct person was indeed what became visible and tangible at midday and in front of many people under the sunshine.

Question: Master, when shaking his hand, did not you distinguish if that person was alive or dead?

Answer: Dear young lady, the ex-personality of a dead person is so exact to the physical person who lived that frankly you do not notice any difference between dead and living people. The unique thing that I felt was a little bit strange was the coldness of that hand, that chilled from a grave; it is clear it was a cadaver’s coldness. That man was talking in a certain tone which was a little bit morbid. Thus, I sensed something of death; I felt as if he was dead, and I was not mistaken about it.

When I emphasize the idea that the defunct one’s ex-personality is that which becomes visible and tangible, I do not discard the possibility on some occasion for the disincarnate souls of people to also materialize in this world of three dimensions and in the total absence of their funerary ex-personality.

Question: One day, a certain lady friend of mine told me that when her father died, her sister was in the city of Los Angeles, California, and that she came to her father only when he was already buried, thus she could not see him. Therefore, from that day, she lay in her father’s bedroom every night and begged him to materialize himself so that she could see him. On a certain night, when she was lying down, she saw a hand resting over one piece of the furniture of the bedroom. She uttered a loud scream of terror and at the same time she heard a voice which told her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, I am your father, who wanted to see if you could endure to see me totally, however, since I see that you cannot, I am leaving, and I beg you: do not call me ever again. Let me rest in peace.”

Master, can you explain if the soul or the ex-personality of the defunct was what became visible and tangible?

Answer: This question from the lady here present is certainly very fascinating to me. I want to tell you, my friends, that the ex-personality of the dead normally lives within the pantheon, even though sometimes it escapes from the sepulchral fossa in order to become visible in any place or simply in order to visit someone. However, it is unquestionable, that in this case, related with the present narrative, the ex-personality of the deceased one was not that which became partly visible and tangible, but the phantom of the defunct, the soul of the deceased one. Thus, this is what the discernment of such phantom, his words, his prudence, etc., indicates.