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Cases of the Unexpected

Question: When I was a child, I heard stories from my parents and relatives about the very well-known “llorona” (weeper). She manifested herself periodically during the night to men who were crossing through flatlands or solitary places. These men were seduced by a beautiful woman who by crossing in their way, incited them to love her. Yet, when they responded with their love for her, she uttered a very loud boisterous laughter, followed by a very bitter weeping that chilled the blood. Thus, she disappeared as a white veil within the shadows of the night. Master, could you explain this manifestation, which is known in many different places or countries?

Answer: Respectable friends, believe me, I feel a great pleasure when answering you. Your story seems to me very fascinating. Certainly, I must tell you that this story about the “llorona” (the weeper) is a very popular legend in all the countries of the world. I do not want to undervalue the word “legend.” Indeed, that word serves as a vehicle for many traditions that have escaped history. Often, there is more reality in those legends than people suppose. After this small description, which is necessary in order to clarify terms, allow me to tell you that there is no place on the planet Earth where a discussion about the weeper was not heard.

Concerning myself, as an occultist investigator, I will tell you the following. On a certain occasion, in some town, the people informed me about the unexpected apparitions of the weeper at the shore of a rivulet. It is good to tell you with a certain emphasis that I resolved myself to investigate that case personally.

For such a purpose, I had to move myself towards the referred place, to the spot indicated by the people, and at late hours of the night. It is obvious that I had to make rigorous investigations, and that is known by any esotericist, therefore I proceeded according to the art.

The metaphysical woman of our discussion came to me, that is clear. I interrogated her in the following way, “Are you the weeper?”

“Yes, I am,” answered the alluded woman. Thereafter, she intended to utter her famous shouts or painful screams along with those well-known exclamations, “Woe, my children! Woe, my children!” However, I was on guard, thus indeed, she could not frighten me, as the old saying which states that a soldier that has been warned about his enemy does not die in the war.

“Are you a witch?” I asked her.

“Yes, I am,” she answered.

“Do you belong to the hall of witchcraft?”

“Yes,” she answered again.

The woman was dressed all in black, and a long mantle of the same color enveloped her body from head to toe. She was wearing sandals. Thus, she was like a shadow within the very shadows of the night. The face of that apparition was pale, her eyes black and penetrating, her nose was round, with more or less vulgar lips. Thus, feeling herself defeated, that phantom of the night withdrew along the riverbank while walking slowly, slowly.

Question: Then was that woman just a phantom?

Answer: Dear young lady, allow me to tell you that in a certain sense, yes, she was. Nevertheless, she had a tremendous reality. She was a witch, indeed, among those witches who attend the hall of witchcraft of Salamanca, Spain.

Question: I am going to narrate for you a case that happened to me in my childhood, when there was still no electric light. We lived in a house that had a large patio, therefore, in order to light it, we used candles and petroleum Argand burners. The bedrooms were built around the patio and in corner of it was a large colonial type of kitchen where large wooden furniture called dinnerware-lumbers were arranged. We also had different types of animals, like pigs, birds, cows, etc. Very often, robbers stole our animals, therefore everybody was always on guard. Thus, on a certain night we heard a noise in the kitchen along with the noise of pigs and chickens as if they were being taken out, and in addition we heard one of the dinnerware-lumbers falling dawn and consequently breaking all of the dinnerware within it. The noise was so great that all the members of the family woke up; thus, half-dressed, all of us with candles and petroleum Argand burners in our hands went to see what was going on. When we arrived at the kitchen and saw nothing wrong with the animals, this certainly surprised us, because of the fact that everything was calm and the dinnerware was intact, without a single dish having moved. This same event was repeated no less than five times, until we decided not to pay attention to it again. Then, automatically, the phenomena ceased, phenomena that in the beginning frightened us, because everyone said that the kitchen was bewitched. Master, would you be so kind to give us an explanation about this matter?

Answer: Your question is abundantly fascinating, and believe me, I feel a great joy when answering it. There are cases related with haunted houses and with phantasmal facts that have been very well known since remote antiquity. It is clear that in this, creatures from the beyond intervene. They are specters, phantoms from the deceased ones, etc. It is evident by all means and with dazzling clarity that there are psychic factors capable of producing physical phenomena.

It is unquestionable that there is no effect without a cause, nor a cause without its effect. Obviously, a phantom from some a deceased one was producing that phenomena. The ethereal double of that dinnerware-lumber or furniture where the dishes were arranged was indeed falling and producing those noises during the night. This does not signify that the merely physical part of the cited furniture was precipitated to the floor.

It is good that you understand, respectable gentleman, that any physical object has its ethereal double, including, as it is remarkable, the mentioned dinnerware-lumber of the kitchen. Now, you will comprehend better what was falling down, and the origin of the noise from dishes, like bowls, kettles and other type of destroyed chinaware or porcelain.

The phantom of the dead was acting over the ethereal part of that physical furniture, thus, phenomena similar to that which is merely material was produced.

Since ancient times it has been known that hidden treasures existed in such haunted places, and people were eagerly hunting until finding them.

Comment: I am very glad to verify or reaffirm your answer in relation with this phenomena. Subsequently, in that place, two pots of gold coins were found under the brick layers of the kitchen of that house when it was demolished. More over, many comments to that matter were made by people who agreed that this was the reason for the numerous supernatural cases that had been observed.

More similar cases: My friends, I know about another similar very exceptional case. Inside of an ancient bedroom of an old large seigniorial house, which persons of a certain age were inhabiting in a patriarchal fashion, were heard multiple noises in the profound silence of the night. When hearing the mentioned metaphysical noises inside her bedroom, a beautiful lady, quietly sleeping on her bed, became accustomed to totally cover herself with her blankets or mats from head to toe. Regarding all of these cases, these naive protections, as the case of these simple blankets or mats, are not always effective.

The lady said that one time she indeed touched with her feet the body of a phantom who seemed to be a boy. This woman said that the metaphysical infant was slowly pulling her blankets until leaving her totally without them. Thereafter, the boy placed the blankets together in a particular place in the bedroom. Time passed. Very much later, when that family moved out of that abode, the people who moved in did some remodeling. Thus, in the exact spot where the phantom placed the blankets or mats, a little bit beneath, a very valuable treasure of massive gold was found.

Another story: Let us now continue with another very similar and very interesting narrative. I remember the case of a gentleman of a certain age who had a strange dream. He saw himself being taken towards an barren field. The one who guided him towards that deserted place emphatically indicated to him the following, “Here in this place I buried a treasure and it is for you; take it. The only thing that you need in order to get it is to dig, to make a hole. I am going to place a sign for you so that you can come tomorrow. Thus, where you find that sign, that is the place where the fortune is hidden.”

The gentleman of this narrative told us that the phantom who guided him in his dream placed two bones in the form of a cross; then the phantom repeated with much emphasis, “This is the sign; do not forget it.”

Thus, this gentleman said that when he awakened from his queer dream, early in the morning and before breakfast, he directed himself towards the indicated place, thus indeed he found there two bones from a dead person forming a cross. Taking the bones with his hands, he said, “From God or from the devil, no matter what, here I send more sparks.” Thereafter, he hurled the two bones some distance away, and filled with great indignation, he returned to his home. It is obvious that good man rejected a very wealthy fortune.

Question: In regard to the former narrations, I want to tell of a case in which various people observed a white dog that came out of the back of a Nopal plant, then walked approximately one hundred meters and disappeared into an apparent opening. Some people were curious, while others experienced great fear because during the day that opening was not there. One of the people who observed the phenomena decided to shoot the dog that walked night after night. However, great was his surprise when he saw that the bullets did not kill the dog, which coolly followed his normal stroll until disappearing in the mentioned opening. Therefore, the people who saw the dog had a sort of meeting; someone considered that perhaps the opening where the white dog was always disappearing was an indication that a treasure was there. Thus, effectively, when they dug there, they found a considerable fortune, which they divided in equal parts. Master, what could you explain about this narrative?

Answer: My dear friend, your narrative is impressive and deserves a good explanation. I want you to know that all of these hidden treasures are guarded by the gnomes of Nature. People give diverse names to all of those elemental creatures; some people simple qualify them as goblins, that is all. There is no doubt that such elementals are the loyal custodians of those wealthy mineral fortunes that are hidden beneath the epidermis of the Earth.

The phantom dog of your narrative was simply a gnome who was in charge of the vigilance over the treasure. Normally, these metaphysical creatures have the form of little dwarf people; they resemble little venerable elders. However, they can assume any figure, including that of the cited dog. Now, you can explain to yourself everything related with that phenomena.

Dear friends, these type of narratives are very fascinating. Nevertheless, it is good to know that the best treasure is the one of the Spirit. Therefore, let us not to be driven by ambition, greed, craving for fortunes, etc. We study these distinct psychological aspects because they are greatly fascinating. However, let it be clear that we, the Gnostics, are not dedicated to searching for hidden fortunes. That is all.