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Human Fish

My friends, in this meeting today we are going to discuss human fish. This seems a little strange to you, right?

First of all, I want to remind you that we, the Gnostics, have methods and special systems in order to investigate all of this, we would say, in a spiritual manner.

Did you ever hear at some time a talk about the projection of the soul? The soul of any person can be projected, that is to say, to escape from the body and to transport herself to any corner of the universe with the purpose of seeing, hearing, touching, and perceiving that which is of interest to her. Allow me, then, to tell you that we know the secret, the clues, in order to perform such incorporeal journeys.

I always had the premonition that there could be human fish, intelligent creatures, in the depth of the oceans. It even seems to me that this matter is related in some way with the famous “Oannes” fish of the Chaldeans. I do not mean to take from the “Oannes” fish their profound allegories, I only want to emphasize the idea that such a symbol also corresponds with the profound mystery of human fish.

Chaldean fish men

Drawing from Mesopotamian Artifact (ca. 800 BC)

We now conclude the former small preamble. Let us now go into the facts, into this subject matter. It so happened that while in a profound meditation, my priestess wife and I decided to perform a numinous or spiritual journey, with the purpose of investigating everything related with the human fish. It is obvious that we achieved it, thus when we compared our metaphysical perceptions, evidently they gave us identical results.

Out of our dense forms, we, our souls, profoundly submerged ourselves within the Atlantic Ocean, very far away from any firm land. In the name of truth, I must declare that we certainly came into direct contact with the human fish. If you ask me what kind of figures those human beings have, I would clearly answer you that they possess a fish shape with sizes very similar to those of human persons, some are larger, other smaller, other medium, etc.

Until this part of my narration, I believe that still you do not see very clearly this matter of the human fish. Please follow my narration with patience; listen to my story.

We found the city of the human fish within the living profundities of the ocean. Enigmas? I fear that if you do not pay attention, you will not understand my narration. It is obvious that such a city is not physical; it does not correspond to the world of three dimensions. It is related with a populace situated in the unknown dimension.

The houses, the temples, the stores, the restaurants, streets and things, etc., have been created by the human fish within the fourth dimension, within that which we can call ethereal space.

The intellectual animals who live on this physical world have degenerated their sight so much that really they are not capable of seeing the fourth dimension. Nonetheless, the human fish are different, distinct: they possess ethereal sight. Therefore, the unknown dimension for them is as familiar as the air that we breath or as the food that we eat.

Certainly, those creatures have not degenerated themselves, therefore it is clear that they possess ethereal sight. In the name of truth, we have to declare that they simultaneously live in the physical world and in the ethereal region. It is clear that the souls of the human fish know that they have a fish body, however since they also live in the ethereal dimension, they do not ignore that they are also human beings. They live as human beings within the fourth dimension at the very same time that they simultaneously move themselves as simple fish within the waters. They have then, a double life: the first as fish, and the second as human beings. However, these two lives are combined, they are processed in a simultaneous and harmonious way, they are beautifully coordinated…

A very wise king governs these creatures; he is a very venerable human fish. It is clear that this elder king is loved by all of his people; he does not need armies or police in order to be obeyed. He is an ineffable being from the solar dynasties.

When I make known this encounter that you, friends of mine, are now listening to, I want you, at least for one moment in your life, to identify yourselves with those tridimensional and tetradimensional creatures. I am talking then in an integral, unitotal way, and intimately coordinating what is physical with what is metaphysical.

My priestess wife passed through the threshold of one of those ethereal stores of this mysterious town, situated in the unknown dimension. I observed her; however, I did not enter. She saw or looked at something in the profundity, thus when she came out, I asked her, interrogating her about that which she had seen. Her answer was, “I saw a group of human fish seated at the tables of a beautiful restaurant; they were discussing different themes.”

Explanation: They are souls of human fish who live as true human beings in an ethereal city that is invisible to the degenerated people of our world. Yet, this city is visible for the beautiful senses of those creatures. Nonetheless, it is astonishing that at the same time they have physical bodies of fish. Behold, this strange combination of human beings and fish.

Question: Have those beings a human face or fish face?

Answer: Dear young lady, allow me to answer you that in that ethereal world of which I am speaking, such creatures have the physiognomy of humans; however, in the merely physical material world, their face and body is all fish.

Question: Master, can we understand that these human beings have an exclusively fish shape or do they have a human aspect?

Answer: Good friend, I will gladly answer your question. In the merely material, physical world, these creatures have an exclusively fish shape. Any person might confound them with fish. Fortunately, they are very intelligent, therefore, it becomes evident and obvious that they will never allow themselves to be caught. I repeat, they only assume human forms within the unknown dimension. It is precisely within the fourth dimension where they live their life as humans. It is not an exaggeration to state that they also have their businesses, etc. Evidently, this fact seems as something impossible to any person who has not gone deep into our studies.

Question: Master, are they happy, living that double life?

Answer: Oh dear young lady, I can asseverate to you that they are infinitely more joyful than us, because they do not carry the sinning “I” inside. They are pure in thought, word, and action. Upright feeling and upright action are carried out in them. We find in them just thought, just word, and just action.

Question: Venerable Master, could you tell us if the human fish are in communication with the glacial humans, the blue humans, and the extraterrestrial humans whom you have mentioned previously to us?

Answer: Noble gentleman and great friend, allow me to inform you that the human fish, since they are clean of the original sin, are in communication with the glacial humans, with the humans who arrived from the Blue Galaxy, and with humanities from other planets.

I want to tell you with great emphasis that the human fish were living within the profound seas of the planet Venus. They were brought to the Earth in cosmic ships by the Venusians and placed into the depth of our seas. Nonetheless, very soon they will be rescued by the Venusian navigators, thus they will be returned back to their original place. I tell you that this event will occur before the Third World War. It is evident that if they are not taken back to the marine waters of the planet Venus, their life will be in danger because of the contamination of our marine waters due to nuclear explosions.

With my sixth sense, I went forward in time in order to see that event; then, I perceived Venusian cosmic amphibian ships that were submerging into the Atlantic Ocean in order to rescue the human fish. In that future moment, the sound of psychic lamentations, weeping, and anguish emitted by those mysterious creatures reached at my ears. They will be taken away from this planet Earth because this race of intellectual animals who populate the face of our world is indeed not prepared in order to understand such sublime beings. In other words, I have to tell you that we do not deserve them.

They have some very strange objects in that unknown dimension. I contemplated something similar to a circle, a type of bracelet, which was so mysterious, that frankly I could not understand it.

One of them, one of those human beings, when addressing my priestess wife, told her the following, “Joyful you; for you are always very close to the Master.” Obviously, I was moved.

The solemn peace of the great oceanic profundities is breathed within their metaphysical city. One feels clean, pure, and infinitely happy. How far away are the people from comprehending all of this!

My friends, after having stated this narration, I am not sure that you have understood me. I know that you have your consciousness completely asleep, therefore it is obvious that you are very far away from capturing the deep significance of my narration.

Question: When they assume the figure of human beings within the fourth dimension, do not they live within the water?

Answer: Respectable young lady, I must tell you, or better say, I must repeat to you, that the beautiful city of these human fish, which we saw in a numinous way, is situated in the profound depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the environment in which these beings move themselves is essentially ethereal and aquatic.

Question: What was the objective of them having been brought from the planet Venus to inhabit here on the planet Earth?

Answer: Dear lady, our stellar brethren always want the best for us, thus it is obvious that they were brought for our own good. They were placed in the depth of the oceans so that one day they would help and instruct us. Unfortunately, the people from our world have degenerated themselves too much, thus for that reason the people have not attained psychic contact with such beautiful creatures. Thus, this is how this present humanity lost a beautiful opportunity. People do not even remotely suspect what they have lost. Many people could have entered into that type of delight through the doors of reincarnation.

Within a short time, the seas will show to the people many secret things, and a new species of extraordinary and very intelligent fish will be discovered. Nevertheless, listen to me: do not get confused; these species of fish will not be the human fish, because the human fish, as I already said, will be taken away, back to the profound seas of the planet Venus.

Question: Could another type of human being like those exist in the animal, plant, or mineral kingdoms?

Answer: Good friend, I am allowed to inform you for your own good that the human fish are an exception, and certainly, an exception which was brought from the planet Venus. Beyond this type of very singular creatures, we know that in our world the stones are stones, the plants are what they are, and the animals, including the animals with intellect, are what they are and nothing more than what they are.

The human fish are human beings in the most complete sense of the word, because they have their Being inside, because they have their Being incarnated, and they know that they have It inside.