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My friends, there is a law called karma. This law in itself signifies cause and effect, or action and consequence.

You must comprehend what the law of compensation is. Everything that one does one must pay for, because there is no cause without an effect nor effect without cause. Liberty, free will, has been granted unto us, thus we can do whatever we wish; nonetheless, we have to answer to God for all of our deeds.

Karma is paid not only for the evil that is done, but also for the good that could be done yet is left undone.

When one comes into this world, one brings his own fate. This is why some are born to rest on goose feathered mattresses and others on disgrace. If we killed in our former existence, now we will be killed. If we hurt, now we will be hurt. If we robbed, now we will be robbed. Thus, with the measuring rod with which we measured others, with that same rod we will be measured. Nevertheless, to modify our own fate is possible, because when an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, then the superior law washes away the inferior law.

The lion of the law is fought with the scale. If on one plate of the scale we place our good deeds and on the other plate the evil deeds, then both plates will weigh the same or will be in some imbalance. If the plate of evil deeds weighs more, then we must place good deeds on the plate of the good actions with the purpose of inclining the scale in our favor. This is how we pay our karma.

Therefore, perform good deeds in order to pay your debts. Remember that one pays not only with pain, but also one can pay by performing good.

Many people who suffer are concerned only with their bitter sufferings. They wish to remedy them, but nonetheless do not remember the sufferings of their neighbors; they do not even remotely think of relieving the needs of their neighbors. This selfish state of existence is good for nothing. The only thing they achieve with their selfish behavior is to aggravate their sufferings. If such persons think of other people, of how to serve their fellowmen, how to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, dress the naked, teach the unlearned, etc., then it is clear that they will place good actions on the plate of the cosmic scale and incline it in their favor; in other words, all their necessities will be provided for. Nevertheless, people are very selfish; this is why they suffer. No one is interested in God or in his fellowmen, but only when they find themselves in desperation. This is a fact that each one has proved for himself throughout the world. Humanity is like that.

Question: The good deeds that you mention to us must be perform disinterestedly, or are they taken in account for us even when we perform them with the expectation of obtaining something in return?

Answer: Good work must always be performed disinterestedly, with infinite love for humanity. Thus, we alter the evil causes that originated the evil effects. You must not forget that by altering the cause is how the effect becomes altered. Do you want to be healed? Then you must heal others. Are some of your relatives in jail? Then work for the freedom of others. Are you hungry? Then share your bread with those who are worse off than you, etc.

Question: Master, are all sicknesses karmic?

Answer: No, not all sicknesses are karmic, because the human machine can be damaged by multiple causes. Therefore, sicknesses may be karmic or simply accidental. That is all.

Question: Master, if in meditation I could remember something about my former existence, which was the remembrance of a trip where I passed through Mexico towards Acapulco, such as you had formerly mentioned to me, would you explain if my meditation was correct or if I had just a fantasy?

Answer: By the style in which the question is formulated, the manner in which the question is fashioned, I can clearly see that still you have your consciousness asleep, because if you have it awakened, then the word “fantasy” would have been excluded. What one knows very well has nothing of fantasy. What one ignores or that which one sees slightly, even when it is real, always is taken as fantastic. Therefore, to awaken the consciousness is vital when one tries to investigate former lives.

It is clear for me that you were here in Mexico in your past reincarnation and that in such former existence you also accompanied me to the Port of Acapulco. All of this happened in the epoch of Don Porfirio Diaz and now it is obvious that you repeated that trip in accordance with the law of recurrence. Everything comes to be repeated as it formerly happened. Everything is repeated. This is how the great law of karma works.

Question: Master, in accordance with your answer, I comprehend that I am very asleep. Nevertheless, these small remembrances that I have of my former life, as well as from other Spanish lands, do these memories I have brought indicate a small amount of awakened consciousness?

Answer: Undoubtedly, a small awakening of the consciousness has occurred; the percentage has increased. The common and current people have three percent awakened consciousness, however in your case, we can evidence ten percent, and that is a great deal. It is difficult to find a person with one hundred percent awakened consciousness. Therefore, you must be satisfied of having at least that percentage of superior consciousness in relation with your fellowmen.

Question: In my meditations I have had experiences related with my past life where I see myself committing many errors, since I was a landowner who had a ranch in Cuautla, Morelos. I had many employees who I forced to work with my whip. I committed many adulteries and rapes. Then the revolution started and I lost all of my belongings. I enrolled in the revolution with Pancho Villa. I suffered hunger and all of the horrors of war. Even though I died old and beside my family, since that epoch until the present time I have been suffering bitterness and displeasure. I think that I am paying my karma. Master, what could you tell me related to this matter?

Answer: Respectable fellow brother, it makes me very happy that you can remember your former existence. I want to tell you that indeed I knew you in your former life, thus it is obvious that you are telling me the truth and nothing but the truth. Since you were also enrolled in the army of the General Francisco Villa, it is natural that I could not avoid knowing you personally.

That as an landlord of a ranch before the revolution you had committed many errors, such as whipping your employees, etc., by which you acquired karma, that is obvious. Now you can explain to yourself why you have had so many sufferings in your present life. You made others suffer and now you have suffered. You made others to work inexhaustibly, now you have been exploited by the bosses of certain jobs in which you had to work in order to gain your daily bread. This is how we pay what we owe. The law is the law, and the law is fulfilled.

Question: Master, I want to narrate to you an event that happened to me when I was six years old. I saw in a dream that balls of fire were falling over the Earth and the people were running and desperately evoking God, as it was the end of the world. Later in time when I grew up, I saw in an illustrated Bible a graphic that appeared exactly as the one I dreamed. Could you tell me that if this dream was a prediction?

Answer: Respectable gentleman, I am very glad to answer your question. There is no doubt that just as there is human karma, there is karma of nations and the world. We are discussing karma, therefore I think that you comprehend me. Your vision corresponds to world karma, which is found condensed in many Biblical verses and within the Koran, as well as within multitude of sacred books from the East and West of the world.

The evil of the world is so great that it has reached unto heaven, and it is obvious that this perverse civilization of vipers will be destroyed, thus nothing will remain, not even one stone upon the other. A series of earthquakes have been unleashed in all the regions of the Earth. However, this is nothing but the beginning of the end. There will be atomic wars, famine, and pestilence across the whole roundness of the Earth, and the human beings will die by the millions, as numerous as the sand of the sea. There will be no relief.

The abuse of nuclear energy will be very critical. The day will arrive in which the decomposition of the atom in sequence will start, then the seaquakes and earthquakes will intensify. Gigantic waves never seen before will strike the sandy beaches, and a strange and mysterious sound will emerge from within the abysmal profundities of the ocean.

I want you to know my friend, I want all of my friends to understand, that a planet is traveling throughout the infinite space and one day will collide with our afflicted planet on which we live. What you saw, what you could prove in the Holy Bible, corresponds exactly to that cosmic event. It is necessary that you understand that with this collision, the two planetary masses will mix together, thus forming a new world. There will be only fire and steam. The oceans of the planets, when mixed together, will inundate the totality of that planetary mass, and of the whole of this perverse civilization no vestiges of any type will remain. This is how the entire Apocalypse of Saint John will be sealed.

Afterwards, little by little, from within the chaotic waters of life, a new continent, new lands, a new sky will emerge, in order for what is written in the Apocalypse and in the second Epistle of Peter to the Romans to be fulfilled.

You have seen something extraordinary, something that is going to happen. Do not forget that the scientists are already informed about such a planet, that is traveling precisely towards the orbit of our planet Earth. I even heard that they called it the Red Planet. They want to turn it away, to deviate it with atomic explosions, yet everything will be useless. That planet will collide with our planet precisely in the year 2500. This is how this Iron Age called Kali Yuga will conclude.

[Editor’s Note: “The Kabbalistic analysis demonstrates that the secret of the great catastrophe is enclosed within the numbers two (2), five (5), zero (0), and zero (0). Whosoever has understanding, let him understand, for there is wisdom within... Unfortunately, people do not know how to comprehend the profound meaning of some Kabbalistic numbers. Lamentably, they interpret everything literally.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac]

It is good for you to know that this horrifying age started with the electro-chemical cycle, during the Greco-Roman culture, and will end when the cycle finishes exactly in the year 2500. Thus, my friend, this is what karma of the nations is.

I invite you to follow the path of perfection, if you want to avoid entering with the failed ones into the infernal worlds, where only crying and gnashing of teeth are heard.

Question: Regarding the Red Planet, I know that there is a book with that name, where the scientists narrate the fact that a planet is approaching towards the orbit of our planet Earth and that the moment will arrive in which the two planets will collide, thus making a fusion of masses. However, before this collision, in the process of its approach, there will be a great quantity of heat and radiation which will initiate the sterilization of plants, animals, and every type of life, until the point of drying lakes and rivers, thus the absence of water will occur. With the approaching of the planet, by magnetic attraction, the places where there are great quantities of water will start on going out from their watercourses, thus provoking great cataclysms. They say that this will happen in the year 2400 and something. What could you tell us about this matter?

Answer: My dear friend, what you are stating is very fascinating. Thus, you can see that the scientists do not ignore the future collision that is awaiting us. However, allow me to dissent regarding the date, because the White Lodge informed me that such a cosmic event, as I already said, will come to be accomplished exactly in the year 2500. During that epoch, the Tower of Babel (the cosmic rockets) will be developed in a total way. At that future time, many people will be able to travel to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and to all of the planets of the solar system in general. The tower of Babel will be fulminated with the planetary collision, thus the Earth will be converted into fire and steam.

Question: I, also, in that epoch of my childhood, had another vision in which some cosmic ships were shining in the sky and were descending towards the Earth. White human beings were coming out of the ships; they were very tall and had a profound eyesight. These human being were informing us that a series of cataclysms were going to occur that will terminate our humanity. Only a few people believed them, and these believers ask to be carried with them to their planet. They answered that only those who deserve it in accordance with their deeds will be the ones who will be taken away. Then, they started making a selection in a clairvoyant way; thus, from hundreds of people they only choose six or seven who deserved it, in accordance with their judgment. When they were closing the doors of their ships, many of them tried to enter by force, however this was not possible. Finally, they departed towards their planets. What could you tell me about this vision?

Answer: Allow me to tell you that your perceptions were wonderful. It is clear that they revealed to you that which will occur. The seed will be taken from the Earth — that is to say, the selected human beings who will serve as the seed in a future for the formation of the future Sixth Root Race. It is obvious that after the cataclysm that is approaching, new lands will emerge from within the chaos, from within the waters of life. Thus, a new populace will live in those lands.

Now, you understand why the seed will be saved. This is indispensable, and there is no doubt that before the final cataclysm, this seed will taken in cosmic ships towards other planets of the infinite space. Later on, in the proper time and hour, when the Earth is again in the condition of being habitable, the human seed will be brought again to this planet Earth for the development of the future Root Race. Thus, from this present humanity, only remembrances will remain within the Akashic Records of Nature.