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Question: Many years ago when my father died, other people and I were mourning him at his wake. I then fell asleep for a while amidst the people who attended the wake. Suddenly, as I slumbered, I saw my father entering the room were we where gathered. With his hands inside his pants’ pockets, he approached me and asked who was the person that had died among us, who did that cadaver, which was lying there, belong to. I perceived that the cadaver belonged to my recently dead father; however, there he was, unaware of it and speaking to me. Could you tell me, what is the cause of this phenomenon?

Answer: It is indispensable to comprehend that people do not ever in life occupy themselves with the awakening of their consciousness. Indeed, all people from the social conglomerate have their consciousness profoundly asleep. Obviously, after the process of death, the ego of the intellectual animal, mistakenly called human being, continues with his daydreaming life. Therefore, if any disincarnate person hears the assertion that he is dead, obviously he won’t believe it.

It is clear that the disincarnated souls of people always think that they are physically alive, since they do not find anything unusual when they die. They see always the same sun, the same clouds, the same birds exercising their flying skills from the leafy willows of the garden.

Thus, the so-called dead, after they pass away, wander through the streets of the city or through the different sectors of the suburbs where they died. Normally, they continue with their same daily job, they sit at the table in their homes and even they give themselves the luxury of lying on their beds. They will never think that they have taken that step beyond, because they feel themselves to be alive, here and now.

Therefore, in these conditions, when they see their cadaver within the coffin, they believe that the cadaver belongs to another person. They do not even remotely suspect that the cadaver is their own deceased physical vehicle. This is the crude reality of facts.

Therefore, you must not think it strange to have had that oneiric, intimate experience.

Question: What is the cause for the fear that my younger sister felt when entering into the room where my grandfather was mourned?

Answer: Such fear is very ancestral. Commonly, this fear is transmitted from parents to children; therefore, no one in life is lacking the experience of it.

The same happens when we enter into a tenebrous cavern, or when we find ourselves in the presence of a real phantom. The causa causorum of all of this rests upon the subjective psyche, or better if we state, upon the sleeping consciousness.

Clearly, such fears radically disappear when one awakens consciousness.

Question: Why can children see a deceased person and yet adults cannot? My youngest son saw my recently deceased father; he was conversing with him.

Answer: In the name of truth, we have to be clear and to emphasise certain ideas. It is relevant to state that all children are clairvoyant. It has been said to us that before the frontal fontanel (soft boneless area in the skull of the baby, which is later closed up by the formation of bone) of newborn babies becomes closed, human creatures have the power to see the suprasensible, that is, that which does not belong to this physical world, that which is invisible to adults.

If a human being restores innocence in the mind and heart, then unquestionably she will recover divine clairvoyance, that is, the power to see the hidden, the mysterious, the unknown.

Question: When we die, are not we in danger of getting lost, or is somebody waiting for us?

Answer: What is that about getting lost, honorable lady? What is that about getting lost, gentlemen? When are you going to stop being afraid? Does one become lost in his own home?

I have already stated clearly and abundantly that within the first days after death we continue living in the same house where we died. There are many testimonies about this.

When we die, we encounter those beloved, deceased relatives who passed away before us; that is to say, we encounter our relatives and friends.

Question: Can we recognize those relatives and friends who we encounter when we disincarnate?

Answer: Yes, you can recognize your mother, your father, your friends and relatives. Or perhaps do you suppose that one cannot recognize his beloved relatives? Your question is very strange, because it is obvious that not a single child would fail to recognize the author of his days of life. It is clear that all of us have the capacity of recognizing all that which we have known.

Question: Do we suffer from solitude when we die?

Answer: Each person is different. It is obvious that the selfish one, that is, the one who cloisters himself, the misanthropist, the one who does not love anyone, they — already, here in this world — have to pass through the bitterness of solitude. Thus, after death, their painful solitary state in the region of the dead becomes pathetic, clear and definite.

Question: In accordance with that which is called destiny, is it true that we have our day and hours already counted?

Answer: Honorable gentleman, I will answer your question with gladness. It is unquestionable that when you go on a journey, you take certain quantity of money for the diverse systems of transportation. Obviously, you must know how to spend your money, because if you misspend it, you then will have to interrupt your journey.

I want you to comprehend that when we come into this world, the angels of destiny deposited within our three brains a determined quantity of vital values. Therefore, is clear that if we misspend our vital values, if we finish off such a fortune, then our journey along the way of existence will be promptly interrupted. However, if we save these values, our journey can become long, thus we will reach an elderly age.

Question: You amazed me with your statement about the three brains, because I always have heard that we have one brain. Can you tell me about the other two?

Answer: So, you became amazed with my statement about the three brains? Well, comprehend me: we have the intellectual brain within the cranium box. There is the motor brain within the superior part of the dorsal spine; this is the capital center of movements. And the emotional brain is within the solar plexus and other sympathetic centers. Do you understand me now?

Question: Why do we feel fear when we think of death, and why do we become attached to life?

Answer: The desire to live is a very powerful desire. All human beings want to live; they are attached to sensual life. It is obvious that the adhesion, the attachment, the desire of material existence, has fascinated us. Thus, in these conditions, we do not want to die whatsoever, therefore we are afraid of death, we do not want to cease existing.

If, on the basis of comprehension, people would lose their desire for material life, then the fear of death would disappear. One loses such fear when one comprehends the illusory nature of existence, when one recognizes that nothing is this world is permanent. Ideas, things, and persons always pass away.

Question: When a person disincarnates, what does the soul do? Where is this soul found in order for it to return and incarnate?

Answer: We need to speak clearly in order to comprehend: people have their minds filled with too much dogmatism; therefore, there is intellectual deterioration, and people are not capable of opening themselves to the new, they are not capable of seeing what is natural. They like always to think on what is artificial and consider it as a pattern for all measurements.

In other times, the human senses were not deteriorated. Thus, in archaic epochs of our world, people could see the deceased ones, the could hear them, touch them, etc.

For instance, in Lemuria when someone was going to disincarnate, he himself dug his own tomb; afterwards, he would lie down in it with his head towards the east. Then, happy, he said good-bye to his relatives, who smiled happily. Whosoever took this step beyond did not remain invisible to his relatives; he could delectably continue to be with his relatives. The air was so transparent that the spirits, the souls, the innocent creatures of Nature were clearly seen within the atmosphere.

Consequently, we know that metaphysical regions (in the manner of worlds or spaces) exist within the atmosphere; these regions exist under the zones which belong to this three dimensional or physical world; here is where the souls of the dead live before they return into a new body.

Question: When I dream with my deceased relatives and I talk to them, why do they always affirm to me that they are not dead and that they are in a perfect state of health?

Answer: Respectable gentleman, your question pleases me, therefore, I will answer it with great gladness. First of all, I want you to understand the process of dreams. It is unquestionable that, as a vulgar saying states, the dream process is just a small death. This is because during the hours when our body lays asleep on the bed, the soul is detached from the body and wanders outside; thus, it goes to distinct places. This is how the soul contacts those who have deceased, and even has the luxury of talking with them.

It is clear that the dead never believe that they are dead, because when they were physically alive, they never occupied themselves with the awakening of their consciousness. Therefore, when they think about themselves, they always think that they are physically alive. Now, you can explain to yourself what motivates the souls of your beloved relatives to make those assertions to you.

Question: Why do the spiritists or spiritualists have a special predilection for calling up or invoking the dead?

Answer: Well, this is how they learned it from their teachers, Allan Kardec, Leon Denis and many others. What is critical in this subject matter is that such authors did not investigate in depth the keystone of this matter.

First of all, noble gentleman, I want you to know that all human beings have inside an “I,” an ego, the myself, the itself. Please do not think that such an “I” is the best; you must study The Book of the Dead of the ancient Egyptians, thus you will comprehend what I am telling you.

Have you read Goethe’s Faust? Ah, if you knew what Mephistopheles is, then you would agree with me. The tenebrous character of Mephistopheles is the ego, the I, the myself; this is unquestionable.

Thus, the one who enters into the body of the spiritualist medium is the “I” of the deceased, that is Ariman, Mephistopheles. It is indubitable that such an “I” personifies all of our psychological defects, all of our errors.

The Being of the deceased never comes to any session of spiritism [séance]. You must distinguish between the Being and the “I.” The one who attends those sessions is Satan, the myself.

Now, I want you to comprehend the law of action and consequence, because the persons who lend their bodies, their matter, to the “I’s” of the dead, to Mephistopheles, to Satan, have to suffer very much in their future birth by means of epilepsy.

Question: Can you tell me what the Being is?

Answer: The Being is the Being and the reason for the Being to be, is to be the Being itself. The Being is that which is divine, the immortal spark of every human being, which has neither beginning nor end. The Being is terrifically divine.

The [so-called] human beings still do not have that spark within their bodies; however, if we sanctify ourselves and eliminate the sinning “I,” Mephistopheles, then it is clear that one day the spark will enter within our bodies. Now, I invite you to comprehend what the Being is.

Question: After death, does one remember the whole life that has just passed away?

Answer: Young lady, you must know that after leaving the physical body, any dead person repeats his life, the life that has already passed, in a retrospective way.

The disincarnated one will begin by reviving those instants which preceded his death; therefore, during the first days, as we already said, he will live among his own relatives, in his home, in his town, in his city, in his office, in his job. Afterwards, he will proceed by living in very anterior places. Thus, in each aspect of his past existence, he will repeat the dramas, the same words, the same scenes, etc. The further retrospective part corresponds to the processes of infancy.

Once the retrospection is finished, we have to present ourselves in the presence of the tribunals of divine justice. Then, the angels of the law will judge us in accordance with our actions, with our deeds.

Three roads are opened before the disincarnated one. First, vacations within the luminous regions of the infinite space, before returning in order to take a new body. Second, the return into a new womb either immediately or after a short time. Third, the entrance into the infernal worlds, within the interior of this planet upon which we live.

Question: Is it possible to experience that retrospection while we are alive?

Answer: Many persons at the point of dying by drowning have seen their lives in a retrospective way. The same has happened to people who have been close to death by any given cause.

Question: A certain day, when I was arranging matters related with tombs and crypts in order to bury my relatives, while chatting with the administrator of the cemetery, suddenly I became silent and my eyes bulged out of their sockets. The administrator continued talking to me, however when he saw that I was not paying attention, he asked me if something was happening to me. When he addressed me with a strong voice, I awakened from my pensive state and told him what just happened to me. I became silent because I felt the presence of somebody else. Hence, when I turned, I saw next to me my recently disincarnated mother-in-law, the one for whom I was arranging these matters in the cemetery. She amiably smiled at me and by making a gesture she invited me to enter. She limited herself to bidding me farewell since I could not move, then she withdrew from my sight. When I finished my narrative, the administrator had his hair standing on end and his flesh was with goose bumps, and nervously he told me that in all the years that he was working in that cemetery never had he experienced anything like that. Could you tell me what is the cause of this phenomenon?

Answer: Honorable gentleman, I will answer your question with great gladness. In any case, do not take your suprasensible vision experience as strange, because in the times of Lemuria, as I already said, the dead were visible within the atmosphere before the sight of the whole world. What a pity that now people are confused with this type of vision.

Therefore, a deceased person that can make himself visible once and awhile in the atmosphere is nothing rare, and this was verified by you. It is obvious that you verified this with direct perception. The administrator of that cemetery did not go that far; however, he had a certain psychic sensibility, enough sensibility in order to put his hair standing on end and his flesh with goose bumps.

Question: When I dream with my maternal grandmother, I always see her sad. She points at something that, when I awake, I do not remember. However, I have noticed, through all of these years, that eight days after I have dreamt with her, someone from my family becomes very dangerously sick. Could you tell me what is this all about?

Answer: Sweet young lady, I have already stated in my lectures that during the hours of normal, common and current sleep, the souls of the living people escape from their body, which reposes on their bed; consequently, as detached souls, they put themselves in contact with the souls of the dead. Therefore, the encounter of yourself as soul with your grandmother within the unknown dimension, is normal. Your grandmother visits you in instants of anguish or when a person from your family is going to get ill. Can you see now how the dead are so close to us?