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Psychic Narrations

My friends, it is urgent to learn how to travel in the fourth dimension. Some people might think that this is difficult to learn. However, this indeed is not arduous; the only thing that one needs is to have the strength of willpower, an inexhaustible tenacity and infinite patience.

Some very important episodes related with “Jinn States” come into my memory in these instants. Certainly, when I started my apprenticeship, I had to suffer a little bit. While tranquilly lying on my bed, with my head resting over the palm of my left hand, I was concentrated on my Mother Nature and on Christ, begging them with all of my heart to take me with my body of flesh and bones to remote places of the Earth. When I was already in a state of lassitude, when I started to fall asleep, then, very softly, I got up from my bed and went out to the patio of my house where I performed lengthy jumps with the intention of floating. Many times it was raining, and, being dressed with my sleeping clothes, I had to tolerate the water and the cold weather. Thereafter, when noticing that I was not floating, I was returned into my bed in order to repeat the experiment over and over again, inexhaustibly, throughout the entire night.

My sleepless nights were many. My body was getting slender, my face was pale and with large rings under my eyes because of too many sleepless nights. Nonetheless, I was stubborn; thus, one of those days, I triumphed. I got up from my bed, while being in the state of somnolence, and great was my astonishment when I found three ladies inside my bedroom. One of those three ladies helped me to get up from my bed, while the other two were forecasting fates with a deck of cards before a table. They did that in order to know which one of them was going to be in charge of my insignificant person. It is clear that the chance to help me fell upon the one who helped me to get up from my bed. Thus, she helped me to get out of my room. Then, she led me to a long corridor that goes towards the street. She opened the door of the house and took me to the streets. There I saw many other people who were also occupied with the same task in that same town where we lived at that time.

The cited lady told me that I could float within the environment, thus when I did it, I felt a great happiness. I recognized that there was some lack of prudence in my actions, because suddenly, filled with happiness, I soared towards the clouds, and then launched myself down towards the earth, in order to fly over the houses, over the towers of the churches, etc.

Question: No one perceived you?

Answer: Oh, respectable lady, I tell you that indeed no one perceived me, because my body was inside the fourth dimension, my body had escaped from the world of three dimensions. This is why my body became invisible to the people of this world.

The cited lady took me to New York. There we found a gentleman who was carrying out the same task. The lady helped him also, and took him out of his apartment. Thus, in this way, we were two travellers of the fourth dimension.

We passed across the Atlantic Ocean. Thereafter, we flew over Europe. We passed over many cities in ruins, because at that time we were in the Second World War. The other man told me, “I do not know what I see within you, I only know that inside of you is much philosophy and occultism.” I answered him, “Indeed, I am an occultist and esotericist, and my name is Samael Aun Weor.”

That gentleman warned me about the dangers in the European lands; he told me to very careful, because if we by any chance came out of the fourth dimension, we would have fallen into those countries, and without any type of documentation, they would certainly kill us or put us in jail. “You are right,” I answered him, “By no means we should abandon the fourth coordinate.”

During the journey, we stopped for a little while in order to enter into the house of a dressmaker lady. The lady who was accompanying us told us of her desire to help some people who were living there. Meanwhile, we were in conversation inside another room near to it.

When we left that house with our guide, we continued floating through the skies of Europe in order to arrive at the place where we were headed. Once I did the required investigations, I said farewell to my guide and my friend. Thus, I returned to my house.

So, you can see my dear friends, with willpower and patience you can place your physical body inside the fourth dimension. This task endured for me like a year of bitterness.

Question: How did the guide know that in the house you mentioned people needed help, and the type of help they needed?

Answer: Respectable lady, I will gladly answer your question. It is evident that the people who lived in that house were friends of the guide. Thus, the help given by the lady who accompanied us was related with the “Jinn studies,” so her purpose was to help a person to enter into the fourth dimension, that is all.

Question: How much time did you expend in the journey?

Answer: Well, respectable lady, I consider that a couple of hours could have passed during the whole round trip.

Question: How did you know how to return alone?

Answer: This question is very interesting and gives opportunity for a beautiful explanation. It so happen that in the fourth dimension everything returns to its original point of departure. For instance, if we open a door, then immediately it will close by itself. If we move an object from one place to another, the object returns by itself to its original place. For example, on one occasion, I left my home through the fourth dimension, then I situated myself one block away from my house and took off my sleeping shirt; I threw it into space and observed very carefully the course that it took. I saw with astonishment that while floating within the atmosphere, that object was returned into my house, entered through the door and fell on my bed. Therefore, it is not extraordinary the fact that I allowed myself to be dragged by the force of return, in order to return in a, we could say, instinctive and automatic manner, to my bedroom, until my body came to be placed in the position in which it was in the beginning.

Question: In a snowy region of South America, a man who was taking care of cattle was tired, thus he stopped with his dog in order to rest in a solitary cabin. He lit the fire in order to be more comfortable. At midnight, he heard strange noises and his dog barked. The noises were like when a strange person is approaching. When watching to find what was happening, he saw a man covered with hair and without clothes. He took his rifle in order to attack the visitor, yet the visitor told him, “My friend, do not attack me. I come in peace.” The visitor told him the reason why he came to be in that state. This is, he said, because of a promise that he made many years ago to live far away from civilization and not allow any woman to see him at all. The cattle farmer offered him food and shelter within the cabin, and told him that he was living at a ranch where women were not abiding, and that at any time he could go there in order to chat and have the type of food he wishes. So, on a given day the hairy man visited him at his ranch, and while chatting together, the hairy man observed some ladies from that place were watching him, therefore he flew away without appearing again in those regions. Master, could you explain why did he had that determination, that is, to live in solitude and far away from women?

Answer: Respectable gentleman, I will gladly answer your question. Certainly, your question is very interesting and this case of the hairy man is very lamentable. I see in all of it a pitiable ignorance. To flee away from women seems to me abundantly absurd, because to reach liberation, salvation, is impossible without the woman. Women are an important element in life.

Love is the foundation of liberation, of salvation, of illumination. Only through love do we reach God. Only through love can we achieve eternal blessing. We have written many books, and it is worthwhile for our readers to study them. The Perfect Matrimony, for instance, is one of the books that can teach people to know what love is. Other important books are, for instance, The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, Parsifal Unveiled, and many others.

There is no doubt that the hairy man in contact with nature became converted into an authentic savage; this is why the simian skin sprouted in him, thus he became converted into an ape man. He devolved until becoming a simian, that is all.

Question: In the times of the colonization, two gentlemen were riding towards the city on a rainy day. Needing to rest and get shelter out of the rain, they saw a roadhouse nearby where it seemed that there was a party, since they saw people dancing, drinking, and laughing. Therefore, they entered and stayed there, sharing the party.

Then, when they felt tired, they went to the bedroom to sleep. When they awakened the following day, great was their surprise when they saw in that place only the dust of time and skeletons everywhere, throughout all the house. Frightened, they flew away from that place, very terrified. Could you tell me the cause of this phenomenon?

Answer: Respectable gentleman, your narrative is very fascinating. Behold here, a phenomenon of the fourth dimension. There is no doubt that those travellers had momentary access to the fourth dimension. Therefore, they could see and hear many disincarnated people. They were, we say, with deceased people, with whom they were amiably partying. They were surprised the following day when they discovered in the roadhouse only the bones of the dead.

Question: One day, a bohemian man accustomed to abide in taverns left a tavern in order to go to his home, when he heard a strange noise behind him. When he looked back, he saw a human figure without a head, who was following him from a certain distance. The frightened man ran screaming. When the people heard him, they came out of their homes in order to help him. When he arrived at his home, he collapsed and lost consciousness. Hours later, when he awakened, he narrated the event. Would you explain why he saw a man without a head?

Answer: Sir, you narrated to us about a beheaded man. Many people who died in the guillotine during the French Revolution, continue in the beyond, in the unknown dimension, with the figure of a beheaded man. It so happens that those who have died in such a manner, sometimes use such a sinister figure to become visible in the physical world.

My friends, it is good for you to know that enchanted lands, regions from the One Thousand and One Nights, exist, and that all of them belong to the fourth dimension. Nature has marvels and prodigies.

I remember that in one of the journeys I had in the lands of America, I arrived at the house of a child who was very ill. The crows, vultures, turkey buzzards or turkey vultures, etc., were perched on the roof of that house. Doctors diagnosed that the child was going to die.

What is astonishing about those birds, which evidently develop themselves under the ray of Saturn, was that they were foretelling with certainty, forecasting with absolute precision, the place where a creature was going to die. It is important to declare that indeed the child died and medical science could not do anything to save him. There is no doubt that such birds from heaven accomplish a beautiful mission, that is, to clean Nature from any type of foul matter. It is clear that they have faculties which allow them to know the place where someone is going to die. All of this invites us to reflect about the powers of Nature.

Consequently, if we could learn how to travel in the fourth dimension, all of us then could put ourselves in contact with the elementals. This is how we could know the marvels and prodigies of Nature.