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goblin: early 14c., “a devil, incubus, fairy,” from Old French gobelin. Quoted from Online Etymology Dictionary

Question: In a region of the mountain range of Colombia, there was an isolated cattle ranch. Two workers accompanied with four big dogs went to the ranch. When the night hours were approaching, one of them went out in order to get water, but when he left the house he shouted several times. His co-worker told him not to shout because it was dangerous, since in that very mountain range lived the “Patasola,” and this goblin could answer his shouts; thus, it could come towards them. However, this man did not pay heed to him and he continued going to the current of water while shouting. Going back to the house, after he collected the water, he stopped and started to shout again, then someone answered him from the summit regions of the mountain range.

The co-worker had to tell him again to stop his persistant shouts, since he already saw the consequences, because “Patasola” from the summit regions of the mountain ranch had already answered him. Nevertheless, this man did not pay heed to him and continued shouting, and “Patasola” kept answering him and approaching each time closer and closer to the place where they were located.

Therefore, when these two men saw that “Patasola” was approaching, they had to shelter within the house and close the doors. Shortly afterward, “Patasola” arrived at the house, and the four hounds which had accompanied them had to confront a true battle with “Patasola.”

The two enclosed men were suffering, and there is no doubt that for their sake the four dogs became their defenders. After long hours of struggle, the dogs repelled “Patasola,” who while withdrawing kept uttering shouts similar to howls. Then, when comprehending that that “Patasola” was withdrawn, the men came out of the house and left in a quick way without thinking to return there again. Could you give me an explanation of this narrative, Master?

Answer: The common and current people who live in this world of three dimensions ignore the existence of the fourth coordinate, of the fourth dimension. It is necessary to know that beyond our tridimensional world, there is the unknown dimension, the ethereal region.

If we carefully examine the color of the distant mountains, we then can see a very beautiful, intense, blue color. It is obvious that this color is the ether of the fourth dimension. It has been said unto us that in a remote future, the whole ether will be visible in a complete manner within the very air that we breathe.

Modern scientists emphatically deny the existence of the ether; they say that this only exists within the magnetic fields. People from the Middle Ages denied the roundness of the Earth. They supposed that the Earth itself was flat. When Galileo affirmed that the Earth was round and that it was not still, he was very nearly condemned to death. When they demanded he swear that the Earth was not round and that it was not in motion, he then placing his hands over the Holy Bible said, “I swear it, nevertheless, it is moving, it is moving.” Likewise, even if we deny the existence of the ether, even if we swear that it does not exist, we have then to impersonate Galileo and state, “Nevertheless, it does exist, it does exist.”

The elemental creatures of Nature live within the ethereal region, within the fourth dimension. This is something that we must profoundly comprehend. Such creatures receive the name of elementals, precisely because they live within the elements.

You must know, my dear friend, that the fire is populated with elemental creatures. You must understand that the air is also densely populated with these types of creatures, and that the water and the earth are populated by the same elementals.

Since the most ancient times, the creatures of the fire have been known by the name of salamanders. The elementals of the air are designated with the name of sylphs. The beings from the water are called ondines, nereids, sirens, etc. The creatures who live within the rocks of the earth were baptised with the name of pygmies, gnomes, etc.

It is clear that the shape of these creatures varies widely. The creatures of the fire are thin and arid, very similar to the grasshopper or cricket, even though their size is much bigger.

The creatures of the air look like very small children with pink, rose-colored faces similar to the light of daybreak.

The elementals of the water have diverse forms; some of them look like happy, ineffable ladies within the waves of the immense sea, others have the form of sirens, that is, fish with the face of women, and finally there are ondines who play with the clouds or who dwell within the lakes and within those rivers which run over their beds of rocks.

The gnomes of the earth, the pygmies, look like elders with their lengthy beards and ceremonious countenance. They normally live within the mines of the earth, or safeguard the hidden treasures that dwell beneath us, everywhere.

All of these elementals of Nature are useful in the great creation. Some of them animate the fire, others impel the air in order to form the winds, other ones animate the water and others work with the alchemy of metals within the womb of the earth.

Many other creatures exist, who populate the forests, deserts and mountains. You, respectable gentleman, spoke to us about “Patasola,” who is a very particular elemental from a snowy region of your country. It is obvious that “Patasola” belongs to a kind of elemental creature with much force and power. The event you narrated clearly indicates us that such an elemental has enough potency in order to make itself felt in the world of three dimensions, in the physical world. It is unquestionable that in this cited narrative, there was a fight between the dogs and this unknown being. I can emphatically assure you that if not for the dogs, those two men would have died.

Indeed, within the profound bosom of Nature, within its most remote regions, within the mystery of the jungle, goblins, fairies, elves, creatures exist, which the people of the city do not even remotely suspect.

It was not long ago that around the whole world the news of a strange death was heard. A certain explorer, in the continent of the south pole, in Antarctica, was found decollated under his camping tent. What was very interesting were his words, found written in his travel binnacle. Within this binnacle they could read the following phrases: Now he comes, now I see him, the monster is approaching, here he is, Woe! Woe! Woe! What type of monster was that? Some guardian from the fourth dimension, this is obvious.

We can verify the reality of the fourth dimension and of the elemental creatures who live within it, by means of the development of clairvoyance.

Question: Master, about this subject of goblins: incidentally, I would like to narrate an event that happened twenty years ago in a village called Genova, Caldas, Colombia. A girl was sent in the morning, by her parents, to the grocery store. When she was coming back towards her house, she found a woman in her way; this woman was very similar to her mother. The woman invited the girl to follow her; thus, the girl followed her and they left that village.

When the night hours arrived and her parents noticed that she was not returning, they notified the authorities about her disappearance. Hours later, they organized a group of people who went in search of the girl. They went through a place where someone said he saw her walking by. After, when they approach the central mountain ranch, a person indicated that she saw the girl passing by, and she asked the girl where was she going, and the girl answered that she was going with her mother.

They continued the search along the mountain ranch, and after three days, they found the girl almost naked, seated on an old tree trunk, and speechless. They brought her to the village, and after she recuperated her speech, she explained that a person very similar to her mother was directing her towards that place and later abandoned her there. Could you explain to me the cause of this incident, and if that woman was a goblin, as the people of that village asseverate?

Answer: I will answer your question with gladness. Obviously, this girl was kidnapped by a goblin who took the same shape as her mother. Skeptical people from the cities do not believe in these things. Nevertheless, the simple people from the forests give living testimonies about the reality of goblins, who deep down are nothing more than simple elementals from Nature, inhabitants of the fourth dimension, of the fourth coordinate, of the fourth vertical.

We, the Gnostics, have scientific methods and procedures in order to consciously and positively enter into the fourth dimension by will. Thus, this is how we can have an interview with any of those creatures from Nature; this is how we talk to them.

Question: Could you explain to me how to enter the fourth dimension with the body of flesh and bone? I would like to see those goblins, those elementals, and if you have the procedure, teach it to me, please.

Answer: Ah, my friend, you are asking for something wonderful from me. I want you to know that we, the Gnostics, dislike selfishness. I have the clue and procedures. Thus, I will gladly teach you one among many.

First of all, it is convenient for you to know that Nature is not something unconscious, as many people suppose. Nature is indeed Mother Nature and she disposes formidable psychic powers, which we can utilize in order to voluntarily, consciously, and positively enter into the fourth dimension.

You must lay down on the side of your heart, with your head resting over the palm of your left hand. You must intensely concentrate on Mother Nature, then beseech her, ask her, beg her with phrases issued from your heart, with simple phrases, for her to transport you, for her to carry you into the fourth dimension towards any given forest, towards any given place in nature that is nearby. Then, when you begin feeling your legs and arms in a state of lassitude, when you begin getting sleepy, then, feeling yourself in that state of somnolence and filled with intense faith, get up from your bed while saying: My mother, in the name of Christ I beg you to take me with my body to such place” (say the place where you want to go).

I advise you, my good friend, before going to the street, perform a little jump with the intention of floating within the surrounding environment, in order to verify that indeed you are within the fourth dimension. It is clear that if you do not float, if you cannot achieve being suspended within the atmosphere, it is because still you have not entered the world of the fourth dimension. If that is the case, then go back to your bed and repeat the experiment again. Some persons triumph immediately, other endure months and even years in this enterprise.

It is urgent to know that every human being has his own particular Mother Nature. She is the intelligent principle who created the human being’s own physical body. She united the spermatozoon and the ovum for the fecundation which gave form to every organic cell. Therefore, our particular Divine Mother can help us, with the condition of our upright behavior.

So, work with this technique, and when you achieve success, then you will be in the world of the fourth dimension with all the elemental creatures from Nature.

Question: In a thick jungle of the state of Huila, in the republic of Colombia, a peasant experienced the following phenomenon. During night hours, while being in that state between vigil and dream, he sensed some noises close to his home. He heard a voice which said, “Light the fire, light the fire, light the fire.” This man did not pay heed to it. However, when he was falling asleep, he again heard the voice, which repeated the same words three times. Therefore, he got up and lit the fire, and sat close to the foot of it.

When the night had advanced, the man fell asleep again, and again he heard the voice which repeated, “Light the fire, light the fire, light the fire.” He awoke and saw that the fire was going to be extinguished; thus, he enlivened it with wood. In the moment when he was enlivening the fire, a dream that he had seven years ago came into his memory. In that dream, he saw himself alone in a jungle and a wild beast attacked him.

Could you explain to me who was giving him such commands, and what that dream, which he had seven years before, has to do with that which was happening to him in those moments?

Answer: Respectable sir, I am very glad to answer your question. Your narrative is fascinating. The gentleman of such adventure dreamt that cited event earlier, seven years ago, and it is clear that his dream came to be accomplished step by step. There is no doubt that his dream was prophetic, because it became reality.

Unquestionably, disincarnated people, or better if we say, the souls of deceased people, who in other times were dwelling in jungles as shepherds of porcine animals, helped the cited man when they saw the danger that was looking for him. There is no doubt that ferocious beasts like tigers, panthers and many species of wild beasts, etc., exist within those jungles. The souls of the deceased people indicated to him to light the fire in order to conjure the danger, in order to defend himself from those nocturnal assaults, which specifically speaking, were possibly tigers. Now you can see how we have invisible friends who watch for us and help us.

Question: Two years ago, in a reunion where rare cases were spoken of, a person who worked in an electrical appliance company was telling us that there are many goblins in Scotland, and in particular he was astonished because of the following case. An intimate friend of his narrated (to him and other friends) that he became the friend of a goblin. He and the goblin would chat for long hours, and the goblin liked very much to eat certain sweet and sour berries, which were found in very scarce spots of the forest. As his friends did not believe his story, he thought to make a physical demonstration for them. For this purpose, he proposed that the goblin take him to a specific place where the berries he liked were found. However, because they could not walk equally, he told the goblin to place himself within a mantle bag so he could carry him. Once the goblin was inside the bag, the Scot ran shouting to his friend’s house so he could show them that he was a goblin’s friend and that he was carrying him inside the mantle bag. Nonetheless, great was his amazement when he opened the bag and saw that it was empty. Then, heartbroken and ashamed, he left that house walking towards the place of sweet and sour berries which the goblin liked so much.

Along the way, he noticed that something was moving inside the mantle bag that still he carried in his hand. When arriving at the place where the berries were found, a little white rabbit jumped out from his bag, which went to devour the berries and that afterwards transformed itself into the goblin. When seeing the goblin, the Scot reproached him and told him, “Why did you do that bad joke to me? Do not you see that I felt ridiculous in front of my friend because of you?” The goblin answered that he was not exposing himself for that type of demonstration and that if he wanted to continue being a good friend of him, he had to promise not to utilize him in order to convince his friends about the friendship which united them.

Is it possible for goblins to disappear and afterwards appear with their appearance changed?

Answer: I will gladly answer your question. It has been said unto us that goblins assume very beautiful masculine shapes with blond hair and pink, rose-colored skin; some people even affirm that within the forests they fall in love with young women, and that they give them delectable serenades. Ancient traditions affirm that only by playing delectable music with an orchestra can they be sent away.

Your narrative is very fascinating; in it you can see how someone can become a friend of a goblin. Unfortunately, the person committed the error of wanting to make demonstrations of his invisible friend. It is obvious that goblins are enemies of exhibitionism; when they offer their friendship, they do it with sincerity. Disgracefully, people have an exhibitionist tendency. This is something very critical.

And that the goblin had assumed the shape of a little rabbit? Well, that is nothing rare. That he devoured the berries? Do not become amazed, because they eat distinct substances, principles and fruits of Nature. They are creatures who exist, who have life, and who live normally, within the fourth dimension. Nonetheless, in some solitary spots of the forest, they can become visible and tangible to the human being of flesh and bones, when they wish to do so.

Vain people from this world no longer accept this because they have degradedly immersed themselves into barbarism, thus they have degenerated their psychic senses and now they find themselves extremely materialized.

We, the Gnostics, think in a different way; we have exercises and systems for the development of our psychic faculties. This how, through certain procedures, we can even give ourselves the luxury of being in contact not only with the goblins, but also with the Devas and elementals of this great creation.